Monday, March 3, 2008

I hate journaling

I do. I always have. I’ve always wanted to be a person who journals, but it’s just not me. Which if you know me shouldn’t really be a surprise. Friends, do I come across as the type of person who has to journal to help me collect my thoughts or sort out what I’m feeling? No. If you know me you know I just throw it out there to the universe, audibly, and sort it out that way.

I have tried numerous times to buy a beautiful journal to help me want to write in it. If you know me this shouldn’t surprise you, as I can always find an excuse to buy something new/rare/beautiful and mostly unnecessary. I recently bought a Polaroid Mio camera on EBay because I thought it was going to be cute and tiny. What sealed the deal was that it wasn’t being made anymore. This camera would be a collector’s item. I even had to order the film from Hong Kong because that’s the only place that uses a compatible film. To my disappointment, the camera was much bigger than I had expected, but regardless I am not the owner of a Mio and five packages of film shipped from Hong Kong. I also bought a blue guitar on EBay once. Don’t be jealous of my purchases.

One of my resolutions this year was to journal 52 times, once a week. I even bought this fill in the blank journal that asks questions like “the weather today is” and “in the news” and “Today I’m feeling.” Yes, a fill in the blank journal is lame, but I figured it would make things interesting and I secretly love filling out surveys (side note: I enjoy copying a survey someone posted on MySpace into a word document, filling it out, then deleting it). I think I’ve used that journal three times.

So why am I going to attempt to blog? What can I say, I’m trendy.

That, and from time to time I hope to share random info with you that I find entertaining. Even if you don’t find it entertaining I will feel as if I’ve done my part of inflicting random, probably useless, info on you. I love making people share in my knowledge. I was an only child for fourteen years.


rena said...

welcome to the blog-o-sphere! :) heart it!

april. said...

this just made my week!!