Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pediatricians' #1 Choice

So there are certain things that I’ve tried time and time again to incorporate into my life to make it better, but always fail to keep up. Such things would include any and all resolutions ever made (R.I.P. Peace Lily ’08, you only lived two weeks). Others are things to improve my overall health, like a weekend detox. I tried to drink this herbal tea for three days and it tasted ridiculous. It wasn’t even like fasting from everything, just incorporating the tea into my day. But it was like loose tea, and you were supposed to swallow all of these various leaves and stems and grit. Dis-gusting.

I’ve tried a few times to be a regular vitamin user. I think of all of the wonderful benefits of taking vitamins, like better skin and stronger nails and shinier hair…and whatever else are the perks of getting enough Biotin 40 and B2. But usually I only last a few days, and not because I forget to take them, but because 40 minutes after consumption my stomach is killing me. Worse than monthly cramps, worse than an excessively greasy meal. I’ve tried all sorts of vitamins and they all yield the same results.

And I know I’m not alone, because so many people have testified to experiencing the thing.

So I was telling a trainer at the gym about this, about why I just can’t take vitamins even though I should, and she just shook her head like she was about to let me off the hook but then said, “You should try Flintstones chewables.” End of convo.

So let me tell you, Sandy Borrego was never the mom to have the fully stocked first-aid kit in the house, or the instant roach spray, or even a band-aid much less gave me daily vitamins.* I can remember being about four years old and going over to the next door neighbor’s house and getting my daily fix of FC. Jessica’s mom always gave her one and I guess since I was with her she let me pop one too. And I loved them, and thought they were so cool.

So imagine the excitement my inner child was experiencing when I heard from an adult, a certified trainer, that I should purchase some Flinstones Chewables.

I’m sure there are other vitamins out on the market that are “better” for me, but my stomach hasn’t hurt at all since taking these. I’m sure there’s some sort of psychology term for fulfilling a childhood desire. Let me know.
Price: $15.99 for 150 tablets
*My mother's reaction to this would be "I'm soooooooooo sorry that we deprived you of vitamins and that I was such a horrible mother." She would say this sarcasitcally/slash would not be concerned now/or then of my desire to take daily vitamins.


april. said...

im glad you have found what you were looking for in life.

rena said...

if those don't work, i'm sure dr. cousin rose would prescribe plenty of vitamins for close to $100 (such a scam) but my mom says i have to take them because we paid for them. boo.

l.borrego said...

Denied. As April said, I've found perfectly cheap, tastey, and probably minimal working vitamins. $100 is better spent on shoes like this in black:

Can you believe they're by Reba MacEntire?! I'm so envious.