Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"I took my love down to violet hill"

Post #2

So I had heard a few days ago that Coldplay was going to release a new song for free via their website. This made me very excited. So yesterday morning at 7:30 I woke up and entered my info to get the free song. The way this works is they email you a link for the download that is active for six hours. So I’m waiting, waiting, waiting, and nothing! No email. Of course I think that there’s something wrong with my email so I try again with a different email address. Maybe I tried with three email addresses and got nothing.

I get home last night and have three emails waiting for me. It got in my inbox at 6:45 p.m, but in the email it said it had been sent around 9 a.m. None of the links works and again I’m so sad! I doing a little searching on the internet and find out that the website crashed and only 900 people got the download. 900 people in the whole world?! Ok, so this makes me want the song even more. I’m like that. I try again with one more email address (I have five) and two hours later got an email with a working link!!!

“Violet Hill” is pretty interesting. It’s a little dark, and a little more techy sounding (do things sound techy?) but still very Coldplay. You should check it out. It’s free, and I’m pretty sure the site’s working now. Besides, it’s been too long since we’ve had new Coldplay.

"Don't sit there like some silly girl "

I knew it was going to be hard for me to keep up with this blog. My goal this week was to blog every day but that hasn’t happened. And just like I’ll be doing this evening with some coursework I’m going to pump out three posts in a row right now to catch up.

Post #1 The new Madonna CD!

I’m like addicted to pr-ordering from iTunes. I’ve been waiting for Hard Candy to come out for over two months. The best thing about pre-ordering is when you get the email from iTunes that says “You pre-order is now ready to download.” It’s like a present! A present that you end up buying yourself since it shows up on your credit statement a few days later.

By far the my favorite track is Beat Goes On which features Kanye West. Why do I love Mr. West so much? I just do. Late Registration is one of my favorite CDs of all time and if had to take CDs with me to a deserted island it would definitely be one. “Rapping” along to Kanye in the car is the best thing ever. You should hear me and be jealous of my skillz.

And Madonna! No words. She’s amazing. I love how she reinvents her look for each album. I’m not really feeling M-Dolla but I love her curls and clean face with liquid liner.

Ok…this should suffice. Onto post #2…

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Weekend in San Antonio

Crown Plaza Hotel-Riverwalk
111 Pecan Street East
Great location right on the Riverwalk. One of the main things we wanted to do was layout by the pool on Saturday and get some sun. I’m glad to report that we were able to accomplish this, complete with poolside service. The best thing about Crown Plaza is the Sleep Advantage Program. In Houston the program is focused on the beds; they are amazing. The SA beds weren’t that great, but they had a sleep CD for you to put in that featured breathing exercises and relaxation tips. Don’t worry, it also had a few soothing songs for you to listen to. Apparently this CD works, as the rest of my party fell asleep instantly. I think I was a bit self conscious so I just popped a few more Dramamine and waited for them to kick in.

Blanco Café
419 N Saint Marys Street
This little Mexican diner had an awesome breakfast for us. I got a bean and cheese taco and was so impressed with their homemade flour tortillas! AND they had fideo on the menu, which I’ve never seen before, so I got that. It was OK, definitely not like my mom’s, but still good. Good home style Mexican food and a great price.

El Mercado-Market Square
514 W. Commerce
After brunch we trekked on over to the Market Square to do a little window shopping. I love painted Mexican pottery, especially the blue stuff with the white lilies, and there was tons there! We didn’t have enough time this trip to eat at the infamous Mi Tierra Restaurant & Bakery, but it’s located right in the middle of the market. You should definitely check it out if you want to listening to some mariachis while you dine.

Lucky's Food Mart
119 E. Commerce Street
We needed to stopped by this historic landmark for necessary snacks. Basically the only reason this stop is noteworthy is I because I got to try Smart Food White Cheddar Popcorn, which Sirena had mentioned in one of her posts. SO GOOD! I’ve got to find it in Waco.

Casa Rio
430 E. Commerce Street
Sirena suggested this eatery for our dinner. It was delish. The wait was a little long but the weather was perfect for talking over margaritas. Everything here, including the drinks, was so reasonably priced. I think we were all a bit shocked! We each went for the select two combination plate (I opted for the cheese enchilada and a tostado) and all loved what we ordered. The salsa was also delish! This was by far our best meal of the weekend, and we joked about going there again the next day.

Swig Martini Bar
111 W Crockett Street
After dinner we stepped into this chic little martini bar for a drink. Kelli and Shea had been dying to experience a Flirtini, Sirena went for a chocolate martini, and I went for the Blue Moon Martini, which has Absolut Citron and a splash of Blue Curacao, and was the only drink accompanied by a poem:
“There is something about a martini,
A tingle remarkably pleasant;
A yellow, a mellow Martini,
I wish I had one at present.
There is something about a Martini.
Ere the dining and dancing begin,
And to tell you the truth,
It is not the vermouth—
I think that perhaps it’s the gin.” — Ogden Nash

Not very specific to the Blue Moon, but whatever. Swig had such a great vibe and live jazz! Side note: The song playing when were there is called “Four”. I don’t know why my friends were surprised by my jazz knowledge! Swig also has a huge humidor. I love the smell of cigars!

We walked and walked and walked along the river both days that we were there. The weather was so perfect during both the day and night—we couldn't have been luckier! Best of all, this San Antonio gem is free to stroll!

300 Alamo Plaza
Included on our Must-Do list for the weekend (eat tons of Mexican food, lay out, drink margaritas) was to take a picture in front of the Alamo! Again free, but the picture is priceless and a must for any Texan (it’s in the same category of a pic in a field of Bluebonnets).

Emily Morgan Hotel
705 E. Houston Street
Across from the Alamo is the Emily Morgan. The building sort of resembles the Cast Iron Building in New York City. I had heard about this hotel from my mother who loves all True Hollywood Stories: I’m Haunted or I’m a Natural Disaster. Don’t get her started on Hurricane Rita. Anyway, she frequents San Antonio twice a year and has done some research on this place. Supposedly it’s haunted. It’s the site were tons of soldiers died during the war. It was also hospital at one time, and then an apartment building before being turned into a hotel. People have reported hearing nurses call out hospital codes, getting whiffs of antiseptics, or hearing loud thuds. My mother personally stayed in the hotel and says she’s heard thuds in the hallway. I love her. Anyway, we had to step inside and call her to get the story. Picture of haunted hotel: done.

I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed in the margaritas we sampled. I’m sure there are some tasty ones out there and I guess I’ll have to go back and do a little more sampling ;) All I can say is nothing beats a good old Ninfarita.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Going green, you rock!

I was at Old Navy today purchasing some sandals. When the cashier started to put them in a bag I quickly stopped her and told her I didn’t need one. Would I be wearing them out of the store, she asked? No, I just didn’t need a bag I told her again, to which she excitedly replied, “Going green, you rock!”

Yes, I do rock.

And yes, that is just one of the small ways I’m trying to do my part and love the earth. For years and years and decades we’ve heard about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. This year I feel as though the three Rs are being overly commercialized (hello canvas totes, I saw a BCBG one at Dillards). Is going green trendy? And does it really matter as long as people are making small changes in their lives?

I mean no one needs excessive amounts of canvas totes. Stella McCartney came out with one that I really wanted, and TOMS was doing a tote where the proceeds went to give food to a hungry child. I wanted both, and probably the TOMS one was the better choice, but then I realized that I already had a canvas tote (a black one from the International Photography Center, c. 2004) that I used and that getting another one was a waste of money and production and everything else horrible. So don’t buy the BCBG tote is what I’m getting at, that’s so lame.

It’s not lame, I’m sorry, ‘cause if you really love BCBG then maybe you’ll use that tote for the next four years.

Anyway, tangent. I’m not at all about to say that I conserve energy and resources to the best of my ability, but I thought I might share the very few and little ways that I’m trying to do my part.

Energy Saving Bulbs
These little suckers are a bit pricier than Thomas Edison’s original version, but as the need comes to replace a bulb in the house we (my housemates and I) are opting for these. I would say 25% of our fixtures have the energy savers. We’re getting there. And our pocketbooks are in no rush to go out and replace ALL of them in one go. Little by little. Sidenote: Do not buy the cool bulbs as they will make your room feel like a hospital. I mean I saw cool on the label and I thought that's what I was going for, but no...

HEB totes
HEB (our local grocery store) has come out with reusable shopping bags and sells them for $.99. They hold a ton of stuff and we have about four under our sink. Now the thing is you have to remember to get one before you go to the store, but I’m getting better. I also try not to bag my produce in the clear baggies unless I have to. Now, I’m not going to lie, in order for this to be successful you usually have to bag your groceries yourself so everything fits and nothing is squashed.

I almost forgot this one. Two of my roommates decided that we would recycle. Fine. It’s not like I cared either way, I just needed to know which bin my “trash” was going into. Unfortunately the system was not yet worked out, and we had a very small box that was overflowing with “trash” that wasn’t getting taken to wherever it needed to go often enough (Confession: I might have thrown the recycling in the trash cans once or twice because I was sick of looking at the mess. Forgive me.). I had an extra laundry basket and donated it to the cause (It looks just like this, except red and with no dinosaur on it). I was all about house recycling as long as it was neatly contained. So yeah, this has been a really good recycling bin. It’s a bit stretchy so we can cram a lot in there (as long as all boxes are broken down) and it’s about the same size as the trash can we keep in the house. Now, we fill up at least one HUGE trash bin a week, sometimes two, which gets taken out to the curb, which gets taken to the dump. What we recycle would fill up ½ a trash bin or more, and that's every week. We’re so trashy. But yeah, it’s so easy. We each take turns taking it to the recycling center once a week. I honestly don’t even think about recycling until I find myself someplace else throwing something in the trash that I would usually put in the red bin (i.e., today at Starbucks when I had to trash my Grapefruit Izze bottle or at my parent’ house).

If you're in Waco, you can take your recyclables here . They're so friendly and amazing at the Cobbs Center, you don't even have to get out of your car.

I think that’s all I’m doing. I don’t know how green I am. I don’t think I’m anywhere near Kermit the Frog green or Screamin’ Green since I have an older car and I’m probably emitting crazy-dangerous stuff into the air, but I’d like to think I’m maybe Asparagus or Fern Green. These are actual Crayola colors.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring '08

I enjoy making seasonal mixes. I’m still working on the order, but these are a few songs that are making my car rides more enjoyable. Good music + Texas wildflowers = Springtime. Thank you, Lady Bird.

Jillian Edwards is this pixie-like freshman at Baylor. Check out her song Daydream.

What songs are you currently spinning?

*The Spring Mix has been edited:

1. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb Spoon
2. Soft Revolution Stars
3. Cowboys Counting Crows
4. I Beg Your Pardon Kon Kan
5. Through the Windowpane Guillemots
6. Chains of Love Erasure
7. Shine Your Light On Us Robbie Seay Band
8. Surely We Can Change David Crowder Band
9. Daydream Jillian Edwards
10. A Little Respect Erasure
11. Hands On Me Vanessa Carlton
12. Sparks Coldplay
13. Airport Taxi Reception Sondre Lerche & The Faces Down Quartet
14. Don't Stop Me Now Queen
15. The Whole World Changes Astra Heights
16. Nighttiming Coconut Records
17. See You Again Miley Cyrus
18. After Hours We Are Scientists

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Under the Same Moon

Go see La Misma Luna and fall in love with the little boy in it.

La Misma Luna (Under the Same Moon) is the story of a nine year old boy making the dangerous journey of crossing the U.S. border alone in hopes of being reunited with his mother in Los Angeles. I really don’t want to give too much away because I went into the movie not knowing what it was about and I think that was the best way to go.

His performance was amazing though, and I kept leaning over to my friend and whispering, “I hope he gets nominated for an Oscar.” She later told me that she never thinks about stuff like that, because she doesn’t watch award shows. Part of what I love about Oscar season is finding out what’s nominated and going to watch or rent movies that I either completely missed or had intentionally tried to avoid (i.e., The English Patient. It was nominated for EVERYTHING and when I finally watched it I saw why).

I hope HE gets nominated because he did such a wonderful job and needs to be commended. I hope the movie gets nominated because it approaches a sensitive and relative subject (especially here in Texas) in a way that doesn’t step on too many toes, but raises awareness. And the film touches on a number of different issues that undocumented workers in America face-- some dangerous, some even more dangerous.

And the tomato scene?! Yeah, we eat those bad boys. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

It’s good. It’s not one of those movies that is completely depressing. It’s actually very funny and loving and about friendship and determination and how being a genuinely nice person can take you far in life.

Friday, April 4, 2008

They're back!

It's just been confirmed on the Today Show that....


You have no idea how excited I am. I had heard earlier this week that they might be on the Today show on Friday. I made sure to DVR all three hours. This morning I woke up as if it were Christmas: way too early, hair disheveled and so excited to see if it was true. My roommate was in the kitchen and I told her what I was doing and she said, "It just came on, they're back together!" I screamed!

To be honest, I hung in there with the boys for a long time. I don't think it was until I was in fifth grade that I finally had to remove them as my #1 fav. band (after the Games album...that one was rough and a little inappropriate to listen to in the car with Sandy). They've always had a special place in my heart and their Christmas album gets played each year.

Straight up, I did see an over-sized button and a stonewashed jacket, both with KNOTB images on them, in the crowd. People saved their stuff. I have a sleeping bag still and three dolls. My mother was JUST asking me if I wanted to donate them to a garage sale. If she did I will be so angry, but I know she knows I still love them so I doubt she would do it.

I also have three VHS tapes that I like to watch when I'm seriously sick. Don't worry, I'm in the process of asking Jims to transfer them onto DVDs right now.

I've been to three concerts before and have owned all of their tapes, though RIP I was little and lost every one. I hope they release them all again on iTunes.

Will I buy a ticket and go to a concert?

ABSOLUTELY! And I'll have a t-shirt to prove it! And a key chain, and a calendar, and a coffee mug (hey, their demographic is a bit older now, they should cater).

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Thank you Robert for reminding me of my love for fiber.

I do love fiber. In college my dorm director carried around a little ziplock full of “rabbit food”, which was a mix of Kashi and Fiber One. Now this woman is amazing. She is so full of life, so zany, so loving and incredibly gorgeous! I want to be just like her, and if rabbit food is the way to go sign me up.

Now, back in the day the fiber cereal selections were very limited. You had the original Fiber One cereal which packed like 14 grams in a half cup. Oh yeah. Kashi gives you 10 grams of fiber in one cup. Now, the thing with Fiber One is that even though it’s not very much after a while you really have to work on it. It expands really quickly in the milk and gets soft, but it’s still grainy. I’m all about texture and it didn’t do it for me. It was good on salads and with yogurt or Chocolate Silk. Kashi just didn’t taste good to me, and the fact that I had to eat twice as much and wasn’t get as much fiber turned me off.

Last year Fiber One came out with Honey Clusters, which was like Honey Bunches of Oats. And it was sooooo good! One cup had 13 grams.

And then I discovered…

Fiber One Chewy Bars! These are DELICIOUS. They honestly are better than any granola bar and have 9 grams of fiber in them! They’re a great snack or breakfast on the run. Oats & Chocolate is my favorite.

But don’t worry, it get’s better. One day I was walking the aisle of my local HEB and they did not have Honey Clusters. This had happened before but it was because all of the other grandmas, I mean fiberholics, had snatched up all the boxes. In its place, however, was something different…something new…

Something even MORE delicious! Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters! Now, this cereal only has 11 grams of fiber, but the fact that it changed my life allows me to forget that. There was a day when I screamed again with excitement in the store because Fiber One had introduced Carmel Delight, which is like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s good if you want a “fun” cereal, but I’m all about the Raisin Bran Clusters.

Every morning I wake up and walk into my kitchen and prepare a bowl of cereal for myself and top it off with a few sliced almonds. Then I go back to my room and check my email, skim MSNBC, check TMZ to see if anything happened while I was asleep, then check Facebook and MySpace. Every morning. This is my morning ritual. Also, I do not speak for the first 30 minutes after awaking from sleep, and if I bump into one of my roommates in the kitchen on the way to perform my ritual they’re usually met in silence, with squinted eyes and a furrowed brow. They know not to talk to me. I get my cereal, go back to my room, and close the door.

One of my roommates loves to drink her coffee and eat her breakfast in front of the television watching the Today Show in her matching pajamas. Matching because the top matches the bottom. I like to perform my breakfast ritual in my underwear and a t-shirt. It’s interesting when we run into each other in the mornings.

Now with all talk about eating breakfast you might be thinking, “But I thought Laura hates breakfast?” I hate the smell of breakfast, which is why cereal is perfect. I also started eating breakfast every morning a few years ago as one of my supposedly-doing-this-makes-your-life-better kicks, and it’s stuck. Breakfast also has to be eaten before 9:50 AM, otherwise you just have to wait until 11 AM to eat lunch. I’m not one of those people who eats breakfast at whatever time they wake up or eats breakfast for dinner. That’s strange to me. And by strange I mean disgusting.

Alright, I’m done. I did not think that fiber would excite me so much. It does.

$3.69 for Raisin Bran Clusters

$2.49 for Oats & Chocolate Chewy Bars

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


When I was in college we used to hit up Bush's Chicken (I believe it's proper name is Bush's Gold-N-Crisp Chicken). It's $5.50 for a complete meal: chicken strips, fries, roll and a drink. The best part is the HUGE sweet tea they give you, Big Gulp sized. And sweet it is. It's so intense that it makes your mouth hurt when you first taste it. You know, like between your jawline and your ears? But so, so good.

These days I cannot handle the chicken. When I returned to Waco I purchased a meal for old times sake and was in immediate pain. But the tea was still magical. I think the tea lasted me two or three days, I just kept the big styrofoam cup in my fridge. I think I had that cup in there and a single person-sized milk. My fridge was the epitome of so single and so college. If the milk had been bad it would have been a boy-fridge.

These days I get the small tea, half sweet/half unsweet. As they inform me every time I go, "It's the same price as the big one."

Go during happy hour.

Price: $.75 for a regular or small
Happy Hour 2-5 Price: $.50 for a regular or small

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


FROM: L.Borrego
DATE: April 1, 2008

TIME: 11:01 AM

TO: Carosa, Celita, Courtney, Heather, Katie, Kelli, Mia, Robert, Sheavon, & Sirena

TEXT MESSAGE: Brit Brit is three months pregnant with Adnan’s baby. Her people confirmed it.

“I love that you keep me up to date with stuff”
“So Brit Brit?”
“So Britney’s pregnant?”
“Omg. I can’t believe it. Well I can, but that’s just so sad!”
“Where are u finding this tragic news? I have searched the web and can’t find it.”
“Where did you get this info. There is nothing on the web”
“Wow. Not so good in her state of mind.”
“Oh no! Brit! That is tragic. Does she hate birth control or what”
“Seriously…It is also April Fool’s today…Boo.”

Sirena was the only one to call me out :)