Thursday, April 3, 2008


Thank you Robert for reminding me of my love for fiber.

I do love fiber. In college my dorm director carried around a little ziplock full of “rabbit food”, which was a mix of Kashi and Fiber One. Now this woman is amazing. She is so full of life, so zany, so loving and incredibly gorgeous! I want to be just like her, and if rabbit food is the way to go sign me up.

Now, back in the day the fiber cereal selections were very limited. You had the original Fiber One cereal which packed like 14 grams in a half cup. Oh yeah. Kashi gives you 10 grams of fiber in one cup. Now, the thing with Fiber One is that even though it’s not very much after a while you really have to work on it. It expands really quickly in the milk and gets soft, but it’s still grainy. I’m all about texture and it didn’t do it for me. It was good on salads and with yogurt or Chocolate Silk. Kashi just didn’t taste good to me, and the fact that I had to eat twice as much and wasn’t get as much fiber turned me off.

Last year Fiber One came out with Honey Clusters, which was like Honey Bunches of Oats. And it was sooooo good! One cup had 13 grams.

And then I discovered…

Fiber One Chewy Bars! These are DELICIOUS. They honestly are better than any granola bar and have 9 grams of fiber in them! They’re a great snack or breakfast on the run. Oats & Chocolate is my favorite.

But don’t worry, it get’s better. One day I was walking the aisle of my local HEB and they did not have Honey Clusters. This had happened before but it was because all of the other grandmas, I mean fiberholics, had snatched up all the boxes. In its place, however, was something different…something new…

Something even MORE delicious! Fiber One Raisin Bran Clusters! Now, this cereal only has 11 grams of fiber, but the fact that it changed my life allows me to forget that. There was a day when I screamed again with excitement in the store because Fiber One had introduced Carmel Delight, which is like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It’s good if you want a “fun” cereal, but I’m all about the Raisin Bran Clusters.

Every morning I wake up and walk into my kitchen and prepare a bowl of cereal for myself and top it off with a few sliced almonds. Then I go back to my room and check my email, skim MSNBC, check TMZ to see if anything happened while I was asleep, then check Facebook and MySpace. Every morning. This is my morning ritual. Also, I do not speak for the first 30 minutes after awaking from sleep, and if I bump into one of my roommates in the kitchen on the way to perform my ritual they’re usually met in silence, with squinted eyes and a furrowed brow. They know not to talk to me. I get my cereal, go back to my room, and close the door.

One of my roommates loves to drink her coffee and eat her breakfast in front of the television watching the Today Show in her matching pajamas. Matching because the top matches the bottom. I like to perform my breakfast ritual in my underwear and a t-shirt. It’s interesting when we run into each other in the mornings.

Now with all talk about eating breakfast you might be thinking, “But I thought Laura hates breakfast?” I hate the smell of breakfast, which is why cereal is perfect. I also started eating breakfast every morning a few years ago as one of my supposedly-doing-this-makes-your-life-better kicks, and it’s stuck. Breakfast also has to be eaten before 9:50 AM, otherwise you just have to wait until 11 AM to eat lunch. I’m not one of those people who eats breakfast at whatever time they wake up or eats breakfast for dinner. That’s strange to me. And by strange I mean disgusting.

Alright, I’m done. I did not think that fiber would excite me so much. It does.

$3.69 for Raisin Bran Clusters

$2.49 for Oats & Chocolate Chewy Bars


rena said...

i love your love for fiber.

i am however a little offended that i am classifed as "disgusting" because breakfast is my favorite meal EVER and i will eat it. at any time. in fact, "breakfast for dinner" was one of my favorite things when i was growing up. (it was also the only thing my dad could cook if mama sims was out of town..but i mean oh well)

l.borrego said...

When my mom was out of town my dad told me to pick something out of the box in the pantry, which was a military issued tin that had MREs (meals ready to eat). The 1980s MRE options were disgusting and I can remember eating crackers with no salt and grape jelly which looked like sliced jello.

Robert said...

I'm glad that our fiber discussion inspired such a post. I haven't been doing as well with my detox diet lately, but I've still been loving some flax seed. I try to drink a glass of water with a tablespoon of ground flax seed when i wake and when i go to sleep.

Have you tried Kashi Go Lean Cruch? I don't know the stats, but its really fibery and good with fruit.

I really want a morning ritual... as in more than saying "shit" when I realize i have 5 minutes to get ready, then running through the hygene to dos and running out the door. I just can't seem to get up earlier than i have to. Maybe i'll try it.

thanks for referencing MRE's in your comment. that takes me back to my boy scout days. yes, i'm an eagle scout.