Wednesday, April 2, 2008


When I was in college we used to hit up Bush's Chicken (I believe it's proper name is Bush's Gold-N-Crisp Chicken). It's $5.50 for a complete meal: chicken strips, fries, roll and a drink. The best part is the HUGE sweet tea they give you, Big Gulp sized. And sweet it is. It's so intense that it makes your mouth hurt when you first taste it. You know, like between your jawline and your ears? But so, so good.

These days I cannot handle the chicken. When I returned to Waco I purchased a meal for old times sake and was in immediate pain. But the tea was still magical. I think the tea lasted me two or three days, I just kept the big styrofoam cup in my fridge. I think I had that cup in there and a single person-sized milk. My fridge was the epitome of so single and so college. If the milk had been bad it would have been a boy-fridge.

These days I get the small tea, half sweet/half unsweet. As they inform me every time I go, "It's the same price as the big one."

Go during happy hour.

Price: $.75 for a regular or small
Happy Hour 2-5 Price: $.50 for a regular or small


teachhd said...

sadly inflation has now made the #1 meal $6.05.

rena said...

boo, it was $5 when we were in college!

Robert said...

i can't decide if that sounds amazing or disgusting. Maybe disgustingly amazing. PS. i have been on the detox diet... you know for colon health. I think you used to have a slight obsession with fibering up your diet. Alotta flax seed, that's all I have to say.