Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

So the Borregos + Nana + Comet invaded Waco this past weekend! Since everyone is away from the house they were able to stay here instead of checking into a hotel. On night two as I was lying in my roommate’s bed and my family was sleeping in everyone else’s beds I realized how normal it felt to have them there. Sure we were not at our house in Houston, and I wasn’t even my own bed in Waco, but the feeling of knowing everyone was under the same roof was so familiar and comforting and I had a moment.

Man, the Borregos do not skimp on vacations, and even though they only drove to Waco to spend the weekend with me they treated it like a vacay. We started off the weekend by grabbing lunch at Homestead Heritage. Ever since my first visit I’ve always wanted to take my family. They are so nice there. When we first stepped in the hostess asked if it was my dad’s first time. He said that it was for the whole family, except for me who lives here in Waco and wanted them to visit. She was like, yes, she’s been here a few times, I recognize here. PS: I do not go there that often! Like maybe this was my fourth time! But I recognized her too J

Everyone loved their food, and my brother loved his all natural cola. He wanted us to buy some for him, but Blue Sky sodas are definitely $6 for a six pack and my dad just couldn’t believe it. Jacob’s reaction to the fact it cost $6 was “So?”, which makes me think of my reaction to really good chocolate. Who cares if one truffle is $5, it’s amazing! We then walked around to all the little barns before going back for some ice cream. That night we just hung out and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The next morning we had breakfast at CafĂ© Cappucino. We had some time before church so we went to the Bear Pit and one of the bears was out! She was just chilling, sitting with her back against the fence and her little hands in front of her resting on this stump. So cute! We decided to go to the movies to contribute to the holiday weekend ticket sales and opted for Indiana Jones. I mean, we were still full from breakfast, UBC gets out super early, it was a Sunday in Waco…who would be at the first showing of the day?! We thought we had a brilliant plan. Apparently everyone else had the same revelation ‘cause the place was packed! We ended on the second row of the stadium seating, but luckily it wasn’t uncomfortable. If you loved Indian Jones as a kid, you’ll like this movie. They totally kept the same humor, action scenes, random adventure plotline that makes you sort of want to believe that stuff like that exists (like the lost ark!? Remember if you looked at it your face melted off?!).

OK, so that night we knew we wanted to grill. I didn’t own a grill and I knew my dad was planning on getting one. I was thinking he’d me like a cheapy charcoal grill, but no, my dad LOVES to grill so that would not do. He straight up bought me a huge nice grill. We ate outside that night and then lit up the chimenea to roast marshmallows for smores.

The next day was even more eventful. We woke up and went to Lowes so my dad could get a light for the backyard (it’s pitch black out there and we can never enjoy hanging out there—not anymore!), and my mom and grandmother bought some flowers for our porch (and my grandmother had brought a DSW bag full of random plants she had pulled from her garden). Then we went to the Dr. Pepper Museum which was fun. We like history. We came home, potted flowers, my dad grilled again, and then they were off! They left me with a fridge and freezer full of food/meat. I think my dad expects me to grill daily. Luckily the current issue of Rachel Ray is all about grilling so I’ll have lots of inspiration!

Overall, a great weekend with the fam.


rena said...

aw you guys are so cute! loves.it.
btw there is no mention nor picture of comet here. i think he would feel neglected!

Sarah Ro said...

so fun!! You made me miss Waco!!

Robert said...

clearly the pic of you and jacob borrego is priceless. also i love the description of your family all under one roof... that is so nice and true and real. I'm being for real. Also, i love that the fam went trading spaces on your backyard... actually it would be more like While You Were Out... they never do gardens on trading spaces but i'm sure you know that. ok good