Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I am on summer break for the next three weeks. I finished my semester around 10:30 p.m. on Friday night. My plan was to go to sleep immediately, but my body had been used to staying up so that didn’t happen. I had planned to spend at least the next few days relaxing in Waco/recovering—of course I would get sick the week of finals. But I woke up pretty early on Saturday and then after lunch decided that I would go home to Houston for a few days to see the fam and rest.

Now, I love coming home because my family is super sweet to me for the first few days. When I’m on extended stay we all get a little feisty.

A few reasons why I loved my time home: My mom and brother are still in school and my dad is at work, leaving the house all to myself all day. I wake up each morning to my little pup at the side of my bed so I can pull him by his little arms. He immediately crawls under the blankets and stretches out alongside me and we sleep a few more hours. This actually happens a few times throughout the day and I love it. He’s such a chill dog he’s totally content snuggling up to you while you watch TV or read or talk on the phone, though if it’s too loud or you move around too much he sighs heavily and lets out a little growl. Straight up spoiled, I love it.

Now I do have another dog, Buddy, but unfortunately he’s an outdoor dog. He’s so big and stinky but the absolute sweetest thing. As soon as I walked in the house he looked through the back door and once he recognized me smiled really big! It was so cute and my mother thought it was the craziest thing. Even though he’s stinky I try to make sure to go out there and give him a good pat, even though I sorta want to gag.

The only thing I really planned to do while I was home was to check out what was on On Demand. To my luck and surprise, the entire fourth season of Entourage was available and the entire fifth season of The L Word! So good! Obvs me and Comet did a lot of snuggling this weekend because of this.

I drank a lot of Jasmine Green Tea this week and am bringing some back to Waco with me. I also drank this tea out of my favorite mug which I keep here at the house. We have these pair of really old coffee mugs that have a tree on them, one in green and one in orange. I used to think they were the ugliest thing ever and I’m sure I tried to throw them out a few times, but for some reason I love them both now (the green one is my favorite).

I also love, love, love taking baths at my house. My dad always complains that the water bill sky rockets when I’m home. I usually take a bath everyday that I’m here. Favorite bath time activities include reading, holding my breath under water or lying down so that just my ears are under the water but I can still breathe through my mouth and hanging out like that for a while. I’ve done this since I was a kid. I just love to listen to life underwater.

All of the ladies in my family are beauty junkies, so I have a few favorite bath products. This time I used Honey Bath from Laura Mercier. It made the water smell great and creating just the right amount of bubbles.

I get to play Guitar Hero or talk about LOST in person with my brother (as opposed to our weekly LOST recap phone dates), unload tons of stories on my mom and listen about her new obsessions (she’s been all about the Vera Bradley for a while now), and have my dad do car stuff me or take me on impromptu coffee runs.

Overall a successful time spent at the Borregos. Our next reunion will go down in Waco in a few weeks when they come to visit me. I’m actually really excited about it!


april. said...

summer summer summer time. summer time.

glad you had a good few days back home. glad youre back in waco. maybe now you won't be up til 2+am.


The McGuire's said...
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The McGuire's said...

LORA!!!!!!!I didn't know you have a blog. I'm so excited. I hope you have a wonderful summer break!