Monday, May 26, 2008

Yum Yum

I’m totally stealing this idea from the Stangs but I thought I should compile my own Top 5 places to eat in Waco list.

1. Homestead Heritage
I think everyone will testify that the Sweet Potato Jalapeno Soup is out of this world, but I also love the sliced brisket sandwich, the mustard potato salad, and the falafel. I never leave without getting a kids scoop of Mint Carob ice cream! The Maple Pecan is also quite good.

2. Bangkok Royal
Ok, so I never stepped inside this place when it was located in Ivy Square despite hearing how good ii was. As if Ivy Square itself isn’t sketchy enough I got my nails done at a place there and was like dunzo with it completely. But Bangkok has now moved to a super cute location downtown and I’ve finally come to my senses! I’m trying to get something new each time I go because everything is so delish!

3. Taqueria El Charro Capatio
I’m pretty sure this is the name of this place but it’s the orange taqueria on the corner of 17th and Waco Drive. Pretty good tacos al pastor, fresh lemonade, quesadillas and tostadas—staples for any good taqueria!

4. Café Cappuccino
I’m not a big breakfast person or really a pancake person, but I’ll make room for 1/3 of a chocolate chip pecan pancake! I recently took my family and we each ordered a different one to try—I think the banana pecan might be my new fav. On days that I feel that I can handle eggs I go for an egg white blue cheese, spinach and tomato omelet. I mostly stick with the BLT though since it’s pretty light (they don’t put mayo on it, PTL) and enjoy breakfast convo with the person I’m with.

5. Food for Thought
I stick with the Eden’s Best sandwich with chips and salsa here. On cold winter days the chili is pretty tasty. I also love that they sell grapefruit soda!

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rena said...

boo, i didn't know you had updated. i am excited to try 3 out of the 5 places on your list next time i come visit :)