Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pulls at your heartstrings

Have you seen this one yet?

It's just too much! First of all, Morgan Freeman narrating anything will make you weep. Him or James Earl Jones. Those men's voices are powerful! Second, this is why I watch the Olympics! Not to watch people get hurt, but because every athlete a. Has such a powerful story, b. has dedicated years training their bodies to do things that regular folks just can't do on a whim, and c. gives 101%, no matter how many people are rooting for them or who the statistics say should win--they're just going for it!

Do you remember when Kerri Strug busted it on her first go at the Vault and was like "No, no, I can't do it again," and Bella was like, "Yes you can and you will!" And he was so scary and you thought about how all those stories of mental abuse endured by athletes are totally true and all those Lifetime movies were right and ---What?! Kerry straight up flipped over that vault and twisted around and landed! What!??! And the she hit the floor crying and Bella had to carry her off crying/waving to the crowd?!

That is good TV!

And THAT is what you can expect starting 08.08.08.

Any other fav. Olympic moments?

I hate it when...

...I'm in the shower and pour a bit of face wash in my hands, only to rub it in my hair.

What about you?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blogs & ChapStick

Since I promised to talk about a few things I’ll give a condensed version of two of them in one post. This American Life deserves its own post so I’ll leave that out for sure. I tried to start writing about the Olympics but it too needs its own post…(08.08.08)

-Blogs I stalk
Now, I definitely do read some people’s blogs that I’m acquainted with or who I’m “friends” with on facebook and who have listed their blog. They may or may not know I read them/keep up with their lives. But those aren’t the blogs I’m going to talk about :)

One of my new favorite blogs is called Sidewalk Shoes. I came across this blog when I was searching for a Giada De Laurentis recipe, roasted beets and goat cheese salad. Apparently the writer of Sidewalk Shoes had posted the recipe on her website. When I clicked the link I saw that it about her own attempt to cook this recipe, accompanied by a photo. This post was several years old, so when I clicked on the banner to take me to the most recent post I saw that her blog is dedicated to her adventures in cooking! Sometimes she uses recipes from books or the internet, but other times she simple varies a few ingredients in an old stand-by/favorite recipe. Even cooler was the fact that she is a part of a co-op of other bloggers who blog about their cooking adventures and sometimes includes links to their pages. She also seems to be part of her local CSA (community supported agriculture) and so is always trying to use up her weekly produce, even if at times she’s unfamiliar with them. She updates often and always includes the entire recipe and usually a photo! Very fun for anyone who wants to branch out in the kitchen or needs a little inspiration.

-Lip savior
I’m constantly looking for new & really good chap stick or lip gloss. I usually get a chance to sample a new one every other month or so because I’m awful at losing them (then I’ll find one in a purse or book bag I hadn’t used in a while). I think my fav. gloss is from Neutrogena, I do enjoy the mintiness of Burt’s Bees lip balm, but they do not compete to the healing powers of Carmex. Yes, it’s completely unsexy and even sort of smells like an old lady, but Lordy my lips feel like silk! I’m a believer! I’ve used the original pot, I’ve tried the tube version, but I was so excited to see that they have a regular chap stick version. They call it the Click Stick. I call it lip savior. They have mint, cherry and strawberry flavors, but I like the original. Put it on before bed and when you wake up you lips are still so soft and moisturized. I also love to put it on before I go to the gym—it can handle the huffing and puffing.
Ok, I totally lied last week about being a better blogger. Unfortunately and somewhat unexpectedly I was notified of the passing of two people. My great-aunt lived a long and full life, as is evident by her four children, her six grandchildren, and her nine great-grandchildren (I think I got that all right). My little grandfather and his two remaining sisters were very sad, yet the time we spent together as a fmily over the course of four days was very special for everyone. It’s fun to introduce yourself to a cousin twenty years younger than yourself—who looks completely different than you—and inform them that you are indeed their cousin. One of my littlest cousins absolutely loved finding this out and introduced me to everyone as “her” cousin. Too many fun stories to tell, thankfully tons of family pictures taken (yep, we bring the cameras to the funerals), and a wonderful time of celebration & comfort.

I had no words to comfort my friend though. I wanted to end our phone conversation with—I didn’t even know what. What do you say? All I could say thru my tears was “I’m just so sad.” She sighed and calmly said, “I’m sad too,” and I loved her more than ever at that moment.

As of today, the past week as been long, draining, full of questions, and much broken-heartedness. Yet there have been wonderful moments of storytelling, introductions, reunions, hugs that sometimes hurt, hugs that last longer than normal, and tears that begin as grief and quickly become tears accompanying laughter. Love has been manifested in tangible ways. I have been consumed more by God’s mercy and grace than by feelings of anger or grief.

Tomorrow I will attend the wedding of two wonderful friends. I will be part of another reunion of people who will cry tears of happiness & laugh & dance.

This is life. There are moments of deep sadness met by moments of bliss & joy. My heart has not been this full in a very long time.

Monday, July 7, 2008

I’ve been a bad blogger.

Posts I’m working on for this week:

-Blogs I stalk
-This American Life
-Lip savior
-Wines I love/suggestions welcomed
-Top 5-10 Olympic athletes we’re drooling over
-Our litle Ratatouille

Check back Tuesday night for the a full post :)