Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pulls at your heartstrings

Have you seen this one yet?

It's just too much! First of all, Morgan Freeman narrating anything will make you weep. Him or James Earl Jones. Those men's voices are powerful! Second, this is why I watch the Olympics! Not to watch people get hurt, but because every athlete a. Has such a powerful story, b. has dedicated years training their bodies to do things that regular folks just can't do on a whim, and c. gives 101%, no matter how many people are rooting for them or who the statistics say should win--they're just going for it!

Do you remember when Kerri Strug busted it on her first go at the Vault and was like "No, no, I can't do it again," and Bella was like, "Yes you can and you will!" And he was so scary and you thought about how all those stories of mental abuse endured by athletes are totally true and all those Lifetime movies were right and ---What?! Kerry straight up flipped over that vault and twisted around and landed! What!??! And the she hit the floor crying and Bella had to carry her off crying/waving to the crowd?!

That is good TV!

And THAT is what you can expect starting 08.08.08.

Any other fav. Olympic moments?


april. said...

haha i was moved until i realized it was a VISA commercial. oh world.

Simple Diva said...

yeah it was pretty amazing... and then VISA showed up.