Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Girls Night Out

This weekend was Sirena’s kitchen shower and bachelorette party! I am not sure how I have been dubbed bachelorette party planning queen but this was my 4th one to plan and my 7th one to attend in less than three years, and I have one more that I’m working on that’s taking place in a month! I literally have a box under my bed full of stuff for bachelorette parties and computer file folders of all my past projects and ideas for the future. What?! I know. Seriously, let me know if you ever need ideas.

Sirena’s kitchen shower was so nice. Chris’ mom & sister, her mom, and a family friend really put on a lovely shower with DELICIOUS food. I’ve been waiting to try some of Chris’ mom food :) And after we were stuffed what was brought out? Mama Sims’ Special Chocolate Cake! She used to bring us that cake while we were in college and we would eat it forever, and by that I mean in like 2 days. It’s seriously the best cake ever. I was so stuffed from the food but did I eat my entire slice of cake? Absolutely.

After the shower we all went downtown to decorate the hotel room for the bach party. We played lots of silly games and by far the best one was a “how well do you know the groom” game. Chris had been nice enough to answer questions via email and we each took turns asking Sirena the questions and she had to guess his response. Cute fiancé.

We had a super late dinner at Moonshine! I was so happy Sirena wanted to go there because it is delish. I think pretty much everyone ordered a side of mac & cheese. SO Good! Then we just danced the night away at The Marq. A good evening with our Sirena, especially since we’ll have to start counting down the days until she leaves us :*(

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