Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back on track

I have been a horrible blogger. I blame about 50% on the fact that I changed my login and password but then couldn’t remember it…and I deleted my old email that was associated with the account and so I couldn’t retrieve any of my passwords, etc. The other 50% is a combination of school + nothing to really document. Which isn’t really true because a lot of funny and random stuff has gone down lately. Ok, I promise to be better and update a bit more often.

This weekend begins a series of weekends of travel. Here is my schedule so far:

Oct. 11 - ATX for Sirena’s showers and bachelorette party!
Oct. 18 - Bienvenido a Miami
Oct. 25 - Return from Miami and head directly to the Ben Folds show in ATX
Nov. 1 - Birthday celebration at Flat Creek Estate
Nov. 8 - Birthday celebrations at home with friends/fam
Nov. 15 - Nothing???? I may need this weekend to pull it together
Nov. 22 - ATX for Celita’s bachelorette party
Nov. 29 - Thanksgiving holidays in HOU/Turkey Trot
Dec. 6 - Sirena’s Wedding! (Wait, what? Right after thanksgiving? HELLO! We’re going to have to ration so we can fit into our dresses! Why am I just now realizing this?)
Dec. 13 - Family x-mas part 1 / studying for 2 remaining finals
Dec. 20 - Rest?! Probably begin a ton of Christmas shopping
Dec. 27- Celita & Adrian’s wedding

I'm not sure I'll make it to a NYE party this year. I may ring in the new year with a bottle of NyQuil and MTV

I love being busy but I also have to remember to be productive during the week. This means pumping out a ton of work in the next 7 days. I can do it. I’m going to listen to Eye of the Tiger every morning.

OH! Something I can share. I watched Young at Heart last night. Please Netflix this. It’s so good. I’ve been looking forward to watching it since I saw the previews in the theater. A few things: 1. I look forward to growing old and living a long time (seriously) and this movie only solidified this 2. It is amazing how much music evolves every few years and how in the course of one’s lifetime your music history is so broad 3. It’s never too late to try something new.

Let’s just say I had a moment when I heard them singing Coldplay’s “Fix You”. I even thought about Chris Martin and whether he like openly wept when he saw that part of the film. If he didn’t it’s ok, ‘cause I wept enough for both of us.


Melissa-D said...

You're doing the Turkey Trot in Houston?? I'll be there! We should meet up! ; )

april. said...

oh how i miss your blogs. and you!! dec. 20th, rest?? where you be resting?? i wants to see you. ill be in TX dec 19th-30th. lets be friends again.