Thursday, October 30, 2008

I rocked the vote

For the first time ever I went out and voted! Yes, I'm nealry 27 and I'm just now participating in my first presidential election. The past two elections I just didn't get it together, what with the absentee ballot and deadlines and stuff like that. But not this year!

I decided to do early voting and I think the entire process took me less than 2 mins. Not quite as exhilarating as standing in long lines and feeling the excitement and anxiousness of those around me, but I wanted to make sure my vote was in and that I didn't let long lines change my mind. It was so cute to see the volunteers there--all retirees whose faces were beaming once they saw you walk through the door.

Let's talk about how fancy the voting machines are with those dial things? I mean yes it's 2008 but I thought I was going to use a punch card or bubble in a circle with a #2 pencil.

There were about 5 other people in there voting and honestly that was enough for me---it's exciting and encouraging to see the people of your community concerned not only with who will be our next president but who will represent and serve our state and county.

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Albus Adventures said...

Way to let your voice be heard!!