Monday, November 3, 2008

"Yesterday I got so old it made me want to cry"...not really!

Guess what? I’m officially 27! For the past few months when people ask me how old I would say 27, but then quickly correct myself and shout, “No wait! I’m still 26!” Clearly age is not really important to me these days. Significant moments in my life are marked by other things besides age it seems, and I’m learning to appreciate my youth and my days instead of freaking out about where I’m at in the rat race. A few years ago I intentionally stepped out of the rat race and returned to school, and that was a good move. But it’s easy to slip back into old habits of sizing your accomplishments up against others’. It’s not only easy but it’s tiring and never rewarding. Instead, I choose to be thankful for all things that have been given to me and that I’ve gotten to experience, for the many people that ebb and flow from my life and leave precious memories with me, etc., etc.

This year for my birthday I wanted to do something that I don’t always get the chance to do. For weeks now I’ve been craving Indian food and I knew there was a place in downtown Austin, Claypit. A few of my friends from the Austin area met me for their lunch buffet.

Gary and Carosa were kind enough to get the day off from work. Sirena was there too and I think for the first time I realized these are the last of these sorts of celebrations we’ll be spending with each other before her move to Saudi :*( ANYWAY (save the tears for the after party!) the website said they open at 11 a.m. but really they open at noon. No biggie though, they let us wait inside and we got to chit chat for a while. I was so happy because Laura Bundy-Carroll was able to come as well as my friend Clayton who just moved to SA for a stint in the Airforce. It was so wonderful to see him again—he makes me laugh non-stop. I’m pretty sure everyone enjoyed him. The food was also delish! I think everyone made two trips to the buffet. The first trip was to try as much as possible and see what we all really enjoyed, and the second trip was to go for the goods! So fun to here everyone ask, “Did you get the potatoes?” “The spinach stuff is so good!” “Ok, the thing that looks like fried calamari is actually veggies and is so good!” I think everyone enjoyed it and hopefully we’ll make another visit to the Claypit again soon!

After the Claypit Kelli met up with us and we all drove out to Flat Creek Estates, a winery out near Marble Falls.

It’s about 55 mins. from downtown ATX. Getting there is an event in itself. The scenery quickly changes and I saw parts of the Texas landscape I’ve never seen before! It was just gorgeous out there. Oh yeah, we saw leaves changing colors. What? Leave don’t change colors in Texas, they just fall off! It was amazing. The winery itself was super cute, really beautiful and such tasting wine! We all did the wine tasting and then Gary and Carosa bought a cheese plate for us all to enjoy with our favorite glass of wine. We were able to enjoy ourselves and the wine and the cheese outside at one of their tables. Let’s talk about how they have these dogs that just roam around inside and outside? It made it that much more fun!

Unfortunately I had been battling a little cold and so I had almost completely lost my voice on Saturday. I didn’t want to cancel everything though since I felt fine. On Sunday for my “real” birthday I truly, truly slept the entire day (thank you double shots of NyQuil). I feel much better and my voice is almost back. I get to keep the parties going this next weekend in Houston where I get to celebrate with my family and then with my friends where I get to share the limelight with my fellow Scorpio Amber!


Melissa-D said...

Happy Birthday!

I know what you feel about the old thing. I'm 28, and I'll be hitting the 29 mark in a couple of months...EEK! The whole close to 30 thing is just wrong!!! I think I'm going to start going backwards...

rena said...

crazy where are the rest of the pictures?