Thursday, December 11, 2008

birthday wishes

Wishing my sweet friend a wonderful year! I've known Laura since our freshman year of college. She is the most artistic and creative person I know. Truly some of the best gifts I've ever received have been made by her (let's talk about how I'm obsessed with her torn art!) She has taught me to love leaves and the color moss :) She has such an amazing perspective on God and life--I love getting her started on those topics because she is so honest and our conversations take us in a million directions and ultimately we just have to end them with a smile and a hug and usually some wet eyes. She also makes incredible mixes and introduced me to HEM and Patty Griffin and Regina Spektor (I love Regina!)
Most importantly, she is just a remarkable person and I'm so blessed to call her friend :)

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Simple Diva said...

You look so beautiful!