Monday, December 29, 2008

I now pronounce you husband & wife

The last of wedding weekend ’08 was very special! I have known Celita since we were four. We actually went to pre-school together. Her parents lived across the street from my grandparents (and her grandmother lived next door to my other grandparents!) We went to different elementary schools since we lived in different cities, but we met back up in 6th grade. By then her parents had moved to La Porte where we lived. We were both in orchestra through junior high and while we were friends, we became inseparable in high school. Adrian went to a different junior high but we knew him through orchestra events. By high school we were all friends, and so many of my high school memories include them both.

The summer after high school I was very busy and didn’t get to spend time with them. I remember when Celita called and told me that she and Adrian both liked each other in that way. It was perfect. Now, eight years later, they are married!

The wedding was special in so many ways. Celita looked amazing. All of our friends were there together, and Mimi and Mia flew in from California. Lorna and her baby bump and her husband Rob were in town from Dallas. My parents were there, and they have known and loved Adrian and Celita forever. I wasn’t a bridesmaid but I was still a part of the wedding because….I married them! They had asked me a few months ago and I was able to get licensed through my church. Talk about having the best seat in the house! I wasn’t nervous, but as soon as I got started and looked at both of them and saw the tears in their eyes I realized I needed to keep my eyes glued to my little notebook!

Congratulations Adrian and Celita!!!

Hanging out with the bride before the show got started.

Me doing my thing!

Dancing to Jack Johnson's Do You Remember
Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Washburn!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

birthday wishes

Wishing my sweet friend a wonderful year! I've known Laura since our freshman year of college. She is the most artistic and creative person I know. Truly some of the best gifts I've ever received have been made by her (let's talk about how I'm obsessed with her torn art!) She has taught me to love leaves and the color moss :) She has such an amazing perspective on God and life--I love getting her started on those topics because she is so honest and our conversations take us in a million directions and ultimately we just have to end them with a smile and a hug and usually some wet eyes. She also makes incredible mixes and introduced me to HEM and Patty Griffin and Regina Spektor (I love Regina!)
Most importantly, she is just a remarkable person and I'm so blessed to call her friend :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I’m supposed to be studying/writing for finals but I just had to make sure every knew that Sirena got married! It was an amazingly beautiful wedding and reception. I know she worked really hard on it (and her mom and his mom did as well) and it all showed! Even more I love that both Sirena and Chris were able to completely enjoy the day (and days leading up to it and the after party!) and were able to just relax, have fun, and celebrate with friends and fam. Best bridal party every if I do say so myself :) Congratulations to the Bellmans!

Photo-op with the bride

Happy couple at the rehearsal

Roommates of 211 (I love getting the chance to take these pictures!)