Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day & Age

I love The Killers and finally purchased their new album. Neon Tiger is my fav song so far.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why is it when I have a gift card I have a hard time deciding what exactly to purchase, but when I have an available credit card I have no trouble at all walking out of a store with something?

This is torture for someone who enjoys shopping.

Monday, January 5, 2009

tweet, tweet.

Current obsession: birds

That’s not entirely true. I enjoy looking at birds and even listening to them. However, I fear walking under trees in case they drop something unfortunate on me (which has happened) And while real birds are pretty far away when I let my OCD kick in I realize how filthy and disease infested they are…

But that’s not the point of this post, because right now I am loving bird graphics and designs. I have been looking for cute bird jewelry for a while and finally found some I’ll be investing in (see below) One of my roommates has the cutest white bird wall hooks that she hangs her necklaces on. Jealous. I’ve been researching new bedding, and a few times comforters and pillows that have bird graphics on them have caught my eye. I’ve recently become aware of the website Etsy where people sell art and handcrafts. After searching for “birds” I found TONS of stuff I’m in love with. Click on each pic to be directed to it's Etsy page. Here are a few of my favs:

Aren't these sachets adorable? Sachets seem very ladylike to me. Last year in an effort to boost my ladylikeness I started buying more dresses (best idea ever and I'm going to continue this) But sachets are like for people who handwash their delicates, or take their clothes to the dry cleaners, or do more than just separate their laundry into whites, blacks, all other colors, and jeans/towels/linens and just always use cold water and dry everything on normal and hope for the best. (Note to self: Don't feel bad about your laundering skills, at least you use dryer sheets)

These are actually bean bags that the artist made to be played with but also said look cute as a decorative object. Paper weight maybe? I love the design and think they could even be made into sachets. I feel like in '09 I will be crafty. Sachets for everyone. Or if the filling is too much trouble then decorative bean bags. Hey, they're probably even can toss and catch them in your hand. Yes, bird bean bags for everyone :)

Bird pillow #1 I love...

And bird pillow #2 I love. I'm on a hunt for new bedding and I'm pretty sure one cute bird pillow will find a place on my bed.

A cute wristlet. There are lots of bags, totes, and make up bags to look through.

I love this print, it would look fab framed. There are tons of amazing artists on Etsy selling prints of their work (and a few originals) Prints are a wonderful and inexpensive way to build up your art collection. I'm about to start doing this. Most of the artists number each print and you can definitely find some for $20 or less. Even a smaller print like a 4"x6" or 5"x7" can have a lot of presence if it's framed and matted.

Another gorgeous watercolor print. I'm also really into watercolors right now...

A beautifully quilted wall hanging featuring the fruits of the Spirit. Click on the link and enlarge it to really see the amazing detail. Did you know that on my 21st birthday I went to the quilt convention in Houston? True story. I made my whole family go and they thought I was crazy.

I love how charming this necklace is. It comes in blue, green, and red, but I feel like blue just screams France (oui, oui?)

The most dainty bird necklace that includes two of my other favs, gold and purple! This is a must own.

Alright, there are no birds on these earrings, but I'll need them to go with the necklace, right?

Sunday, January 4, 2009

"TV is chewing gum for the eyes." -Frank Lloyd Wright

Praise be! Mid-season television premieres are starting this week!!! Last year’s strike totally screwed up everything. We were left we either no shows, or short seasons, or weird plot lines, or cancellations! I’ve seriously been waiting for Big Love to come back for over a year. Ridiculous. OK, so here is my TV watching schedule for the spring. It hasn’t changed from the fall except that I’m dropping The Biggest Loser and welcoming back LOST!!!!!!!!!

Gossip Girl
Chuck Bass’s one-liners. Blair’s headbands. Serena’s inappropriate low-cut blouses. Dan’s gross pursed lips. Little J’s tantrums. I’m so excited!!!!!!!

We know that there are only two seasons left in this series so we’re bound to get a lot of info this spring. I don’t know if Ben’s a good guy or a bad guy. I don’t know who the Others are, and who the original Others were…and if the people from the boat are called Others too. Where are all the kids that were abducted from the second part of the plane that Ana Lucia was on? Is anyone really dead? Because if not then please bring back Charlie and super hot Boone and Paolo. What happened to Jin?!?!?!

Top Chef
So delicious. I wish I could cook. Instead I’ll continue to eat my bird food.

Ugly Betty
What happened to the cute neighbor across the hall? When are they going to bring Henry back? Betty needs a love interest stat. I’m so glad that they’re giving Amanda and Marc bigger storylines though!

(only because my roommates watch this and I have to figure out what they’re going to do with the Izzie sleeping with the dead guy storyline)

The Office
I feel as though we’re going to see a wedding this season, but whose? Jim and Pam’s or Dwight and Angela’s?

Shows I’ll marathon watch On Demand when I’m at my parents’ house:
Big Love Season 3 (FINALLY!)
L Word (final season!)

Shows I’ll watch online when I should be doing other stuff:
The City
I don’t think I’ll care much for the fake reality show but the male models they’re introducing are cuties and you know there’s going to be even better fashion trends since they’re in NYC.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The List.

Every year I search for the The List published by the Washington Post. It’s released at the first of the year and predicts upcoming trends and encourages the end of current fads. Some are so true and some are just funny…some I hope don’t actually happen.

One of my favs: What’s out: Waco, What’s in: Waikiki. Hilarious.

Hello '09

And here we are in ’09. The ‘0’s have been OK to say, but I’m not sure how I feel about ’10 and ’11…I’m not sure how those are supposed to sound audibly. We have a whole year to figure that out though. NYE was fun this year. A few of us gathered at that Collins’ place and shared delicious food and dessert and drink with each other. Amber was able to borrow her Dad’s new Wii and we entertained ourselves until the countdown. This has been an exciting year and I am so excited to what ’09 has in store…I know for myself there are a few big transitions that will take place and a fun trip!!! Stay tuned!

Vhat is going on here?
Getting the champagne ready for our New Year toast
We're ready....
Hello '09!

And at this moment my little Sirena is on a plane headed to her new home in Saudi with her new roommate Chris. I can’t wait to see the pictures she’ll post of their new home!