Sunday, January 4, 2009

"TV is chewing gum for the eyes." -Frank Lloyd Wright

Praise be! Mid-season television premieres are starting this week!!! Last year’s strike totally screwed up everything. We were left we either no shows, or short seasons, or weird plot lines, or cancellations! I’ve seriously been waiting for Big Love to come back for over a year. Ridiculous. OK, so here is my TV watching schedule for the spring. It hasn’t changed from the fall except that I’m dropping The Biggest Loser and welcoming back LOST!!!!!!!!!

Gossip Girl
Chuck Bass’s one-liners. Blair’s headbands. Serena’s inappropriate low-cut blouses. Dan’s gross pursed lips. Little J’s tantrums. I’m so excited!!!!!!!

We know that there are only two seasons left in this series so we’re bound to get a lot of info this spring. I don’t know if Ben’s a good guy or a bad guy. I don’t know who the Others are, and who the original Others were…and if the people from the boat are called Others too. Where are all the kids that were abducted from the second part of the plane that Ana Lucia was on? Is anyone really dead? Because if not then please bring back Charlie and super hot Boone and Paolo. What happened to Jin?!?!?!

Top Chef
So delicious. I wish I could cook. Instead I’ll continue to eat my bird food.

Ugly Betty
What happened to the cute neighbor across the hall? When are they going to bring Henry back? Betty needs a love interest stat. I’m so glad that they’re giving Amanda and Marc bigger storylines though!

(only because my roommates watch this and I have to figure out what they’re going to do with the Izzie sleeping with the dead guy storyline)

The Office
I feel as though we’re going to see a wedding this season, but whose? Jim and Pam’s or Dwight and Angela’s?

Shows I’ll marathon watch On Demand when I’m at my parents’ house:
Big Love Season 3 (FINALLY!)
L Word (final season!)

Shows I’ll watch online when I should be doing other stuff:
The City
I don’t think I’ll care much for the fake reality show but the male models they’re introducing are cuties and you know there’s going to be even better fashion trends since they’re in NYC.

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