Thursday, February 26, 2009


I need to share with you all my latest favorite place in Waco. A friend of mine received cupcakes for her birthday that she shared with me. They were simply vanilla on vanilla, but oh my gosh they changed my life! She told me the name of the store and I looked them up online. How excited was I that What About Cupcakes has a website!!!! (don't you hate when places don't have websites? hello, it's 2009)

So this little shop is located on 25th between Austin Ave. and Columbus Ave. Each day they have different cupcakes that they bake. One of my roommates and I decided that all of the cupcakes needed to be experienced so we go once a week on a different day. What I love about them is that they have two sizes of cupcakes, a small and a mini! So we usually get one big one and one baby one. They also sell shots. Oh yes. Shots of icing. Don't worry, we got one once. Amazing and sinful.
Now the amazingness of these cupcakes is twofold. First, the cake is so incredibly moist and light. That's partly because they're made fresh each morning and also because they use excellent ingredients. Secondly, the icing is life-changing. It's super whipped and full of flavor. For example, the banana one tastes like you're really eating a fresh banana, not candy banana flavoring. The peanut butter icing? It's more butter than sugar tasting = omg moment. The cookies and cream icing tastes like a cookies and cream ice cream from Marble Slab. Also, the mandarin orange is completely different, it's like Cool Whip with real bits of orange. And the strawberry and lemon tastes like fresh fruit too!!! Yes, I've tried all of these. Don't judge me, envy me.

OK, so if you are in the Waco area you MUST go check them out. My absolute favorite is cookies and cream (I also like strawberry, the Italian cream, and the peanut butter!)

I have one left to try...carrot :)

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rena said...

there is a place like this in georgetown/leander i think? road trip? i think so