Thursday, April 16, 2009


I think that Diadeloso may be my ultimate favorite Baylor event. If I lived closer to Waco (assuming that one day I will truly leave Baylor as a student and no longer live in Waco) I think that I would still come to Dia. I love seeing all the little families hanging out. I also love all the dogs that get brought out. Dia = spring, enjoying the Texas outdoors (rare), puppies, watching the Pikes play tug-of-war (assuming they're still the burly fraternity), and lots of freebies. I don't want to comment too much on the weather, lest I speak lies into existence, but it has always been amazing in the past. Truly the perfect spring day.
So I'm walking through Truett yesterday and see an ad on one of the computers about Dia, and I see the word "Eisley." I straight up ran back to the computer to make sure my eyes were not being tricky. It was true though! Eisley is going to be playing at Baylor...for FREE! Let me just tell you what Eisley equals: Laura Bundy, which = COLLEGE! I really feel like Bundy introduced me to them and I love their CD. I got nervous because it's been a while and I only have the one CD, but apparently I'm only an album behind because they're currently working on their third. So I'm in pretty good shape!
Thank you, Baylor.
And long live The Day of the Bear!

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Laura said...

Time out when does EISLEY come???! I'm there! Let me know!