Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!!! I would suggest going outside, but it is so incredibly hot today in Waco that we are keeping very still in shaded areas. I made sure to go to HEB though and get my free bag!
There was definitely a news crew there trying to document people exchanging plastic bags for reusable one. He tried to get me on camera. Hello! it's like 100 degrees and I am wearing a tank top that is too big and shows my bra. Denied. I will not be shamed on the Waco local news.

Also, I thought I'd take a pic of our recycling:

It's a little OOC right now because it didn't get taken last week. We take about that much each week though. That's four people's worth of trash that is recyclable! We may produce about 2 bags of regular trash each week, and that's filling kitchen tall sized bags. And this is not to brag about our recycling skills, but to just show how much trash four people produce weekly that can easily be recycled!

And, Cricket needs a haircut stat. She's been wearing a clip so that she can see the world around her.

She lets us do this to her and she wears it to bed and everything. Poor Cricket! She just wants to see!


rena said...

this whole post made me laugh, ESP cricket, i even showed Chris and we were both laughing. :)i can't believe you missed your THS moment on waco local news!

Melissa-D said...

I LOVE THE CLIP! I think it's a keeper!

Laura said...

Friend, I think you might need a cricket dog of your own... :)