Saturday, April 4, 2009

Farm Day

Here in central Texas we’ve been teased with a few sporadic spring days, and I’m hoping that they become a bit more consistent. But today spring was in full force! The day started off a bit cloudy, but I was hoping that the forecast would be correct and we’d have warm temperatures and sunny skies…and we did!

Today was also Farm Day at the World Hunger Farm. I’ve always wanted to go to a Farm Day, but have had plans the past few times. I called Laura up and invited her to come, knowing that she’s been trying her hand at gardening and has been reading up on locally produced food like I have. I was so happy to be able to spend the day with her! We also made sure to hit up Common Grounds, the Spirit Shop for BU t's, and a did a driving tour of our little (and by that I mean now huge) campus. Sic'em.

Ok, the farm was no joke! I’ve been out there a few times and it’s usually pretty low key, but today it was crowded with people out enjoying the weather and the festivities. I'm talking about babies rolling in the grass, llamas and goats running amuck, people directing parking--the works! (ok, maybe not amuck since Webster's just informed me that that entails being mad with murderous frenzy...those animals were just hanging out) There was so much going on that Laura and I didn’t know where to start and as a result ended up missing out on the walking tour and buying any produce. We ate a meal prepared with mostly harvested items from the farm (turkey burritos). Then we grabbed a spot to listen to the speakers for the day, a couple who run Home Sweet Farm down in Brenham. Laura and I went on our own walking tour to see what was growing in the beds, and then bought some herbs.

I had been doing a great job with my potted plants on the porch, but the Christmas break did them in. I bought some more rosemary and then branched out and got lavender and cilantro. I also stole my roommate’s basil that she had bought at the store and had been picking the leaves off of and planted it. Basil grows really fast so I’m sure it will have some leaves on it again pretty quickly.
The goods

Basil, Rosemary, Lavender & Cilantro

Stolen basil

Our porch looks much less sad now that some of the pots are filled again. I need to purchase another basil plant and some dill. Laura and I also talked about trying to buy our produce locally during May. This is honestly going to be really easy for me since the farmers market is literally a mile down the street from me. I’m sort of ashamed that I haven’t taken advantage of it sooner. I can’t wait to check out what they have…maybe I’ll scope it out before May so I can have a feel for what it has.

Oh, maybe the day was made even better because Josh Huck was at the farm and sang a favorite song of mine, Came Into This Town. I’m trying to locate his EP so if you know where I can get it let me know!

Oh, and Cricket Dog has been my walking companion these past few days. We've been enjoying the weather and our neighborhood together. She's also a much better runner than myself and I take her with me so that when I have to stop and walk I don't look quite as lame. I'm also hoping that she'll perform some sort of rescue dog duties if I pass out on the street.

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Laura said...

The farm was great- I really enjoyed experiencing it with you! I'll have to post a pic of my container garden...that is currently located in an extra "unused" tub b/c of the cold weather we are supposed to have. Don't forget your herbs outside tonight! They look great!