Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How cute is this?

And why am I playing with it at 12:45 am instead of writing an essay? I saw an ad in my People Style Watch mag for SmartFood, which apparently has tons of fiber in it (I will further investigate that claim) and they have these cute little cartoon ladies as part of the advertisement. At the bottom is says "Animate yourself!"

Well, I did!

How cute am I?!

This is me in the morning...no really, I own bunny slippers!
This is me in my purple dress and my favorite Kenneth Cole wedges. I'm probably going to church or to a bar. I'd wear the same thing.And this is me in a spring outfit. It's a little windy so a long-sleeved tee is in order, but it's sunny enough for shorts. Maybe I'm going out for a coffee, I don't know. Of course, I've gotta wear the wedges again to make my legs look long.Go to A Woman's World and animate yourself too!

And someone come write my essay for me stat.


rena said...

lol you are so funny!

Laura said...

nice. very nice. I hope you got your essasy done!