Monday, April 20, 2009

I love HEB

I really do. It will be my #1 thing I miss about Waco. Nothing compares to the HEB on Wooded Acres. We have two HEBs nearby in Houston and neither measure up. I'll still probably shop at the sub par HEBs though. I love me some Hill County Fare generics.

I also love reusable shopping bags for the grocery store. Now, I take it a little far sometimes and don't bag my veggies in the clear plastic bags, and then throw them all in one reusable tote at the end. Sometimes the people behind me don't appreciate unbagged vegetables touching the conveyor belt that they're about to put their food on. But then again, they shouldn't stress too much since all of their stuff is in baggies!

Now, I also love to shop in general, and I'm also guilty of impulse purchases. I rarely have buyer's remorse though, which is a problem. Anyway, when I saw this new HEB bag I clearly had to have it!
There was some funny signature on the side that I couldn't make out, but a few weeks later I saw in the HEB newsletter that Eva Longoria had designed the bag (hello, celebrity designer bag!)
Also, in honor of Earth Day this Wednesday if you take 5 plastic shopping bags to HEB between 3pm-7pm you can get one free reusable bag (while supplies last). I'm sure it won't be the Eva bag, but I love my plain HEB bags too.

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rena said...

you're so green :)