Friday, April 17, 2009

Indie Running Mix Podcast

So I was looking for some running mixes or playlists, and I came across this site, Indie Soup Runner. You can find it on iTunes in the podcast section. It's taking me a while to download all of the mixes (sometimes my computer chooses to hate me), but it seems like it's just a random mix of songs. I haven't heard any talking between songs (like a DJ), and the length of each mix varies, which is great. Some are about 20 minutes and others are up to an hour. Of course you can't like skip to the next song if you get tired or bored of it, it is a podcast after all, but this is a great way to mix up your workout music...
Ok, I just heard that the songs transition from one to another. Not the smoothest skills, but hey, no abrupt stops which is good. Oooh, and M.I.A. just came on!


Melissa-D said...

Cool! I am always in need of new running music!

april. said...

lol - too funny!!