Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's effervescent...like me

I am loving seltzer water right now. When I was little we would go to the Galleria to go ice skating and they had a vending machine that sold sparkling water and I always wanted it. And I always thought it was disgusting. I never really attempted to drink it after that. When I was in Turkey I felt like I needed drink something with a little fizz during lunch since we usually would get back on a bus and travel a while, and I've been getting carsick lately (PTL for Dramamine). I started drinking Perrier for lunch and loved it. As many of you know, that H20 in Waco is less than desirable, and while I've come to just accept it I noticed that I went about 2 weeks without drinking anything accept coffee and the occasional Fresca. Not good for the skin or the kidneys. I went to my favorite HEB and picked up a few bottles of seltzer water and am now hooked! And the HEB flavored sparkling water (to the left) are good too. Anyone remember Clearly Canadian?
Also, someone told me I was effervescent. That's an interesting compliment. I'm still processing it.

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rena said...

Omg, I remember Clearly Canadian!! That's so fun though, I'm thinking about drinking flavored sparkly (yes I said, sparkly) water to try to stop drinking soda.