Monday, April 20, 2009

New Music

I downloaded a few more songs from Page France today and I'm really enjoying them. I first heard of Page France when we sang their song "Jesus" at church. It's a very interesting song the first listen, but it grows on you with lyrics that say:

And Jesus will dance while we drink his wine
With soldiers and thieves and a sword in his side
And we will be joy and we will be right
Jesus will dance while we drink his wine
You know I perked up when sang about drinking wine!

Other songs I bought off this album (Hello, Dear Wind):

Trampoline- "Hey, hey, hey, you on the trampoline Trying to see everything Hey, hey, hey, sweet little Cherubin Where has your papa been? You've got the keys to his chariot"

Goodness- "Angel, way before there was goodness Way before there was sadness You were just like one of us"

Windy- "I believe in windy days when everything gets blown away"

Ribs (from the album Come, I'm a Lion!)- "You were made out of my ribs We share a heart, we share the stars"

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april. said...

"jesus came up from the ground so dirty, with worms in his ears..."
we totally played that at easter this year at my church here. i love them. and my church. and here. miss you.