Monday, April 27, 2009

New Music

I finished using all of my credits over at emusic. I think I've mentioned this before, but when I have like a gift card or in this case free credits to use up I get very particular on what I'm going to use them on. When I'm in life, however, I have no problem using my own money on impulse purchases. This does not make sense.

Anyway, I got a few things, but I wanted to share these two artists with you. It's going to be a rainy week here and I think these songs are just perfect! Also...they're sort of cuddle music. I'm just saying...
Brett Dennen has a sweet voice, he reminds me of Jason Mraz, but maybe has more slow songs. Don't you love Jason Mraz's slower songs? Anyway, You get that here with Brett. His more popular song was more upbeat and a little rasta, but I wasn't feeling it. Check these out though!

3. Heaven
5. Wrong About
6. So Far From
7.When She's Gone
8. World Keeps Turning
10. Follow Your Heart
11. Ain't Gonna Lose You


Jason Collett is a bit more rockabilly. I'm really into alternative-country right now. It makes me feel so Texas and it's very summery.

1. Roll On Oblivion Alternative
4. Papercut Hearts
7. No Redemption Song
12. Waiting For The World
13.Winter Soldier

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rena said...

i love you and your musical soul