Friday, April 24, 2009

A nice spring Dia

So yesterday was my fav. Baylor holiday. I didn't get to make it out to the festivities during the day. I opted to celebrate by laying out and listening to Fresh Air. Later I met up with some folks to go watch the live broadcast of This American Life!

The theme for this week was Return to the Scene of the Crime. It was so neat to see Ira Glass actually pushing all the buttons to start and stop the music and sound bytes as he did his intro! I always thought he was just perched in a studio somewhere and interns would do all that, but no! It was so public radio, just one fella putting it together. They Incorporated a few visual elements like a cartoon and a clip from season two of the TAL television show. And of course, there was one story that made me cry. And the guy reading the story was getting choked up. And it was about his dying mom and how he's a lapsed Catholic and he doesn't believe in prayer and yet he just is forced to believe sometimes. Too much. I love This American Life!

Afterwards I finally made my way to the Dia festivities to watch Eisley. They were great! They didn't get started until close to 11:30 pm, but I was glad to see that so many people were there. Eisley is definitely great summer nighttime music. I think I'll add them to my summer playlist.
And I thought I'd show you what's popping up around our house. All of a sudden we have spring flowers! Thank you nature for giving us some free curb appeal.
Of course Cricket was outside with me as I went around and took pictures. I thought I'd share one more pic with you of her hairdo.

She's so happy! She's too much. Of course, I take off the clip when we go run. I don't want her to be shamed by the other dogs in the neighborhood.

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rena said...

cricket makes me smile :)