Monday, April 13, 2009


I bought a new nail polish the other day. It's a blend of purpley-plum and wine/berry. I tend to buy lots of bright fuchsias or pinks, and this was different than what I have in stock. OK, so then I look down at the label after I had already sampled it on my nail and there's this sticker that says "scented when dry." I was like, what does that mean? So very cautiously I smell my fingernail, not knowing what to expect, and sure enough it smells like berries. Who thought of that? I mean, it smells like regular polish when you're putting it on, so don't be confused. Once dried though it smells like fruit.
Now here is the thing, who smells their nails? No one. But then I couldn't stop smelling them. If you put a clear coat on top it's over, and unfortunately you really need to since it's a little matte and chips.
However, besides the paint'n'sniff marketing, the color is great and you should check it out. I bought Passionate Fruit, but they have seven other colors.


jaclynrscott said...

How fun!!

rena said...

that's so funny!

Melissa-D said...

Uh I have to have some!