Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Race for the Cure

This Saturday I will be participating in Race for the Cure here in Waco. I've always wanted to do this, but something always seems to come up on this weekend. I'm really looking forward to being a part of this event and running alongside others in the Waco/Central Texas community.

Cancer seems to have affected so many families that I know, mine included. Luckily, in my family we have survivors, yet I know that so many others are not as fortunate. At times I feel that because it is such a common diagnosis I become numb to the reality of the disease and the hardships that it brings on one's personal life and physical health. The fact that this disease affects so many people doesn't mean that I should think of this as a normal part of life, but that I should be more aware of how I can love and support those who are affected by cancer, and to advocate for better resources, treatments, support services, and most of all cures. It also means being aware of my own health and making sure to have regular screenings! (And I actually did that a few weeks so ago, so check!)

If you would like to participate in this weekend's race you can do so in a few ways. Please join the team! I am running with a group from Truett Seminary, but anyone and everyone is welcome (and it's a cheaper registration fee if you run with a team as opposed to individually). Or, you can make a small donation (as little as $5) that will help fund education, screening and treatment programs for people here in Central Texas. Lastly, you can pray for those you know who have been affected by cancer in anyway, and perhaps offer them a word of encouragement or think of a way to help them during this time.

And if you think someone else might want to donate, please foward them the link to this entry or the link to the donation page!!! THANKS!

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rena said...

you are awesome! i wish i was there to run it