Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recession Shopping Spree

Gotta love summer sandals. I'm very excited to try out my new pair tomorrow. Every once in a while I find a good pair at Payless that are both comfortable, decently made and obviously reasonably priced. My most favorite sandals that I had for two years were from Payless, and I still mourn them. The Calvin Klein sandals my mom bought to replace them don't even come close to matching them in style. Anyway, I really wanted a pair of white sandals, and I think these will satisfy that craving.
Also, I don't think I ever explained e*music. It's basically a site to download MP3s. You buy a monthly membership and you get so many credits to use. I think if you go over your credit limit songs cost about $.30 or $.60, I can't remember. Their library isn't as extensive as iTunes, they mostly carry indie bands. However, if you like indie music or discovering new indie bands this is a great site and it's cheaper than iTunes. I tend to pay for a month and then cancel. They recently emailed me a promotion to come back and gave me 75 free songs to download. So yeah, I thought that was a pretty good deal!
And since I love Gossip Girl so much and the music they use in each episode I spent some time this afternoon using some of my credits on songs featured on the shows (You can find which songs are featured here at Gossip Girl Insider) I feel like this will give me a good start on my summer playlist and I've already found a few bands from that list whose entire album I'll get. I'll post about those bands another time.

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Simple Diva said...

i have to say my fave sandals ever where from target and lasted me close to 3 years- and I mourn them regularly