Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I just received my TOMS in the mail!

I've been wanting a pair for since I came back to Baylor*. TOMS are very college, very for a cause. For every pair of TOMS you purchase, TOMS give a pair to a child. I want to say that they're totally unapologetic about the price, because they're like, you're paying for two pairs**. I love it. It really is a great organization, and I recently saw the founder on a commercial for AT&T? (He's so cute, PS)
Let me just tell you they are sooooo comfortable! They're great with jeans, but also look cute with shorts. I've had my eye on the glitter ones for a while...I may break down, I just gotta own it that I love sparkly/shiny apparel! How cute are the polka dot ones too?
Click here to learn more about TOMS and to check out the other styles online!
*I will have to post about the current fashion trends on BU campus soon. I've told some people how the trends have changed in the 5 years since I was in undergrad. Get ready!

**You can buy TOMS at a number of places, not just on the website, and they're cheaper. I have to confess that I purchased mine at an online auction site :) I'm pretty sure that doesn't put a kink in the system.


rena said...

SUPER cute with jeans! love it!

Melissa-D said...

I've heard of Tom's, and they are super cute!

I'm interested in the new styles at Baylor - is it not jeans and a Baylor shirt anymore?? ; )

Laura said...

Friend, I think you could be a shoe/foot model!

The McGuire's said...

I am so jealous, they are too cute, now I have to go get some too! They have little girl shoes too, looks like Gracie is getting a new pair of shoes as well.

april. said...

my friend just decorated my canvas toms with sharpies from last years benefit at cg. ill post a pic!!