Thursday, May 7, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

I’m nearly done with this semester, PTL, but I felt I needed to update since it’s been so long!

For those of you in the Houston area I invite you to participate in the Astros Race for the Pennant 5K on May 30. I’m so excited because a few of my friends have agreed to participate. The more, the merrier though! You get 2 tickets to a game and a t-shirt for joining. I LOVE taking in a game so that was such a huge plus.

Check out more about the event here

That being said, I’ll be in Houston for a few weeks before coming back for a summer session and I’m realizing there aren’t a lot of place to run in LP. If you’re in the area and have any routes that are 3-6 mi let me know! I may be making the drive to run along Allen Parkway, but would rather only do that once a week. Hello carbon footprint.

So one more thing I’ll miss about Waco: running in Dean Highland neighborhood and at the dam. I would love to take pictures of both, but it’s hard to run with a camera. I tried, and then put the camera in my sports bra and it fell out. Now my zoom button is messed up. Zoom Zoom Pow.

I love older neighborhoods and the one I’m living in now is amazing. There are so many styles of homes. There are lots of colonial and craftsman and bungalow style homes, which are my faves! (Oh ,to be able to live in craftsman in Montrose…my dream) Right now since everything is blooming there are some amazing flowers and trees. One house truly has set up an English garden. It’s beautiful, sometimes I just want to hang out in their backyard. I especially love running past honeysuckle because it reminds me so much of playing in my grandmother’s backyard. I hope one day I can truly keep up a garden/landscaping.

The dam is amazing. I had heard this from a few people, but it really is one of the best places to run in Waco, simply because it’s long and flat. I love running in my neighborhood, but the streets are old and it kills my knees and ankles. I ran along the dam last weekend and let me tell you! Truly out there with God’s creation. I saw turtles and lots of colorful little birds and a pack of hawks. At one point the hawks didn’t seem to mind that I was running past them and they were flying so close alongside me! I had never seen a bird like that up close. It was so neat to see them flying. With the slightest move of their outer feathers, almost like fingers, they would catch some air and glide a little further. There were also tons of different butterflies I had never seen before and they were all flying around my head as I ran through them. I felt a bit like a Disney princess…except I was gasping for air and sweating profusely. That's so unprincess-like. The great thing about the dam is that you are elevated pretty high, which means lots of cool breezes!!!

Every year Hillcrest Hospital does a 5K on the dam, known as the Best Dam Run In Texas, and it’s on June 6 this year. I so want to go, honestly just for the shirt (best name of a race ever), but it’s my brother’s birthday that weekend and Sirena will be back in town, so I doubt I’ll be in Waco that Saturday. I’ll sacrifice some cotton for those two folks :)

Not a very good/clear picture, but the thin white strip is where you can run. The grass is actually a very steep slope, and the rocks along the water also form a steep slope. You can see everything around you as you run!


rena said...

you are so cute with your running. a lot of things are on june 6, i have a feeling i should create an evite asap for this partay my mom wants to have.

Melissa-D said...

Greg and I are totally doing the Astros 5k! A friend told me about it, so we signed up last week! Fun! I'll have to find you!!

I know good running places if you're near The Woodlands!

laura said...

Um friend, your post made me really want to majorly want to run and be one with nature...even though it is muggy and overcast outside!

l.borrego said...

Melissa! We'll definitely have to try and find each other. We'll work something out!