Sunday, May 31, 2009

Celebrity Entourage

If you could have an entourage made up of four people, dead or alive, who would they be?

1. Mandy Moore (Adams) ~ Mandy seems like such a down to earth girl. It's always interesting to see who she's hanging out with. She has a really eclectic group of friends. I love her style and how she can do everyday casual well and look fab all glammed up. I'll be honest, her music has never really done it for me, but I like that she's always trying to find her niche. I also think she's a good actress {hopefully everyone's seen Saved!} Mandy doesn't seem to be doing her thing for celebrity, but doing what she loves (singing and acting) whenever she feels like and enjoying life every step of the way. I appreciate her for that.

2. Elizabeth Taylor ~ Not that I have anything against Elizabeth Taylor today, but I'm thinking Elizabeth from the 1950s & 1960s. I think she's the original Samantha Jones (from Sex and the City): business savvy, beautiful, uninhibited, yet still classy.

3. Ed Westwick ~ I don't know much about Ed's personal life, and yes, I associate him way too much with his character Chuck from Gossip Girl, but here's what I do know: British, brooding, stylish, witty. I think Ed will deliver the necessary guy's perspective while also allowing us to groom him a bit.

4. Kelly Clarkson ~ Much like Mandy, Kelly seems like a true BFF. Not afraid to laugh at herself, I love her style, humor, and her talent. And she's from Texas so she would appreciate the word y'all, rodeo, and good Mexican food & BBQ.

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jaclynrscott said...

OOO, I second Ed Westwick...yum, yum! :)