Thursday, May 28, 2009

Delicious Obsession

So I took a chance and bought tapioca pudding. I have never really been interested in tapioca, but I also have never tried it. Sort of like when you're a kid and your not supposed to like spinach or brussel sprouts or asparagus, but you try them as an adult and are like, hello, amazing! Last night when I was grocery shopping I was forced to make a decision: leave the store empty-handed since my favorite brand of chocolate pudding wasn't stocked or try something else. I went for the latter, and in fact I went for the tapioca. I figured that if I didn't like it someone else in the house might want it.
Oh my gosh. Delicious. Changed my life.
Now, when I was in Turkey I realized that I do indeed like thick custard-like puddings. They served lots of pudding that quite honestly resembled flan and were amazing (and flan is another one of those things I never eat because, well, it's flan and you're not supposed to like flan). Also please note that I ate every dessert available in Turkey during every meal and as a snack, and the pudding/flan was always my favorite. It wasn't ever covered in caramel, and I think that's why I enjoyed it (I'm not a huge caramel fan).
The Kozy Shack Tapioca Pudding is really thick, but not too sweet, and the tapioca pearls give it a fun texture. It really is sort of decadent pudding. If you're looking for a new snack or just need to embrace your inner little old person you should try this. I bought the no sugar added kind.
Calories: 90
Fat: 3
Carbs: 11
Fiber: 4
Protein: 3


jaclynrscott said...

OOO, I'll have to try it! Jello makes a yummy sugar free Creme Brule Rice Pudding! I had the same feeling about it being rice pudding & not liking it as a kid, but I am SO addicted!

l.borrego said...

I won't lie, I ate all of the tapioca pudding in like 2 days. Problem. I went to Gerlands to buy more but they don't stock it so I got the rice pudding you suggested. It's a lot sweeter but still good! Tapioca & rice pudding & an obsession with fiber..I'm officially elderly.