Friday, May 22, 2009

Funny Face

While looking around for a new blog template that has three columns I came across these fun sites. At you can upload a picture of yourself and add all sorts of fun effects to it, like turn it into a cartoon, a sketch, a painting, etc. Over at you can upload a pic of yourself to see how symmetrical your face is. It generates what your face would look like if it was perfectly symmetrical using both your left and right side (I def. have a "good side"). You're not suppose to smile and you need to be looking straight ahead. Please note it is nearly 2 am so all make up is gone from the day and I pushed my bangs up.
So fun! And did I find a new template? No, but that's OK!
it was all yellow


Symmetrical using the left side of my face
*This is totally the shape of my grandmother's face

Symmetrical using the right side of my face
(hello alien mugshot)

1 comment:

Melissa-D said...

Too fun! You look totally different in the symmetrical on the right side! Okay, I'm going to try this. I'll post it when I'm done! Thanks for sharing!