Monday, May 11, 2009

Little Mama

A little late, but we were busy celebrating yesterday. Gotta give a shout out to my mama! Sandy is the best mom in the world for me, I have realized this so much as I have gotten older. Lots of moms are great, but not all would have been a good match. She keeps me in check, has never been afraid to share her opinion on some of my wardrobe choices (bright yellow shift dress for Easter when I was on the swim team AKA super dark? She called it. Poor choice), and yet always gives me room to make my own decisions. Of course, she is not afraid to say, "And what did your mother tell you?" when I don't heed her advice and then am forced to admit she was right. My mom has always been super encouraging and never goes a single phone call or face to face visit without expressing her love and thankfulness for me. I'm thankful for her!

A list of some of the things I did not listen to Sandy about and the consequences:
Warning: "It's time to come inside"
Outcome: half-dollar size scar on my knee after attempting to sneak in one last scooter trick

Warning: "You don't need to take your perfume with you to swim practice"
Outcome: nearly permanently blinded when I squirted drugstore scented alcohol into my eye

Warning: "Stop jumping on those rocks"
Outcome: fell into pool of algae and was forced to picnic in bacteria infested clothing

Warning: "You need to wake up on time so you're not so rushed"
Outcome: went to school with only one shoe because I dropped the other one in the front yard running out the door

Warning: : "You're too dark to wear yellow"
Outcome: Looked like Chaquita Banana

Oh Sandy, you were right. And I love you. Though I'm convinced there's a perfect shade of yellow out there for me :)


rena said...

you are so cute and your mom too! i seriously love brown mamas :)

Melissa-D said...

You and your mom look so cute together! I definitely see you in your mom. She sounds like a great momma!

jaclynrscott said...

Y'all are too cute!:)