Friday, May 15, 2009

New Fav Magazine

So I've been looking to incorporate a new magazine to my subscription circulation. Right now I have Glamour and Everyday, and I think I'll be adding either People Style Watch or InStyle soon (I also love Real Simple but it's so expensive to subscribe to). I wanted a magazine in the health and fitness category. I enjoy Runner's World but to be honest every issue seems exactly the same. Even the cover stories are the same, they just switch them around. I was looking at the magazine rack yesterday and settled on Fitness. I really like it. It has a good mix of recipes, fashion/style, and fitness stories (side note: it's ladies fitness). Also, it has an amazing website!

Now, most health magazines are appear to be pretty similar, so I'll let you know how different each issue is. I decided to subscribe because it was only $5.99 for a year! That's awesome, I couldn't pass it up.

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Melissa-D said...

That's definitely one of my favs! My guilty pleasure magazine is also US Weekly. ; )