Tuesday, May 26, 2009

River & Friends & Deer Friends

For Memorial Day Weekend a group of us traveled to Canyon Lake where a friend has a cabin. We had planned on floating the river the whole weekend, but when we woke up on Saturday it was pretty cloudy. As we were in line getting our toobs (why is it spelled toobs? I hate the way it looks) it started raining. We waited it out and then finally got on the river, but it was pretty chilly! Three hours later we decided one trip on the river was more than enough and we went home and got ready for dinner. It ended up clearing up and it was the most beautiful summer evening! We headed to Gruene and joined the tons of people that were there for dinner and music. We had an hour wait for our table, but it was fine because we grabbed a drink and listened to music outside and played washers...I'm not very good.

In Gruene, I love this group shot of us! It's the ultimate summer picture.

Thank you covered wagon for a photo op. I look like I'm wearing a jumbo bonnet.
A mosaic being made at the bottom of a fountain

The next morning we decided to take a chance and head to Schiltterbahn. The weather was much better than the day before and even though it was cloudy it was still warm and we managed to get some sun. Schlitterbahn is so fun. I had to accept the fact that I would be parading around in my bathing suit all day, but it was fine. When we were standing in line for a ride Amber leaned over and whispered, "I'm so glad all of our friends know what is an appropriate bathing suit for their body type." So true. Ain't no shame in a one piece or opting for hipster bottoms instead of a string bikini. Noted. Also, know when you need under wire. Also noted.

I screamed a lot, and I'm convinced my body is not made for toobs since I went down every shoot backwards. It was fun though. We need to go again. We went to Gruene again for dinner that evening. Unfortunately both times were were in Gruene all of the shops were closed, so now I definitely need to go back and make a whole day of it.

Waiting to eat Mexican food in Gruene after a day at Schlitterbahn

Also, there's a winery a few miles away along 46. We didn't get a chance to go, but now that I know it's there I will definitely make a trip out there the next time I go to the river or to Gruene.
OH! And where the cabin is located there are TONS of deer that walk around all day. They are in everyone's yard. I loved it. On our last morning there About 5 deer were in the back, close enough to the patio that I could toss out some food. I ran in and grabbed my bag of goldfish and then started tossing fish at them. They loved it. All of a sudden all of their deer friends came and there were about 8-10 deer in the back. One was getting really close and I poured some fish in my hand and held it out to it. It came right up and ate out of my hand! I was able to do it a few more times. I loved it!!! I was so sad not to get a picture of it. Deer friends might have been the highlight of my weekend!

*Not really the deer, but close enough and they really looked like this. Don't they sort of look like Comet? They have the same face, I think they're distant cousins

On the way home we stopped by Buc-ee's because I have never heard of it before. Apparently these are all over the place? So weird. The one we stopped at along I-10 was packed, but I was so impressed with how quickly the people working there were and how friendly! I bought a piece of toffee fudge and finished it today. So good!

All in all, a successful weekend getaway!


Melissa-D said...

Don't feel bad...I hadn't heard of Buc-ees before about 6 months ago. Now I see them everywhere!

Laura said...

Why isn't it just "tubes" that's how I always thought it was spelled..you know like a tube top? I love Schliterbahn...I was just thinking about it yesterday...wanting to go! It sounds like you had a lovely time!

april. said...

new braunfels...still my favorite place in the world. yup.