Friday, June 26, 2009

birdy plates

About a month ago I was at Dillard's and I saw the most adorable plates:

I just stood and ooh'd over them for a good ten minutes. I love them! However, they are Lenox which means $$$. I contemplated buying one mug for $25 and hoping it would satisfy me, but I couldn't bear to have the mug knowing that its plate friends were still at the store.

Last week I was in Target and came across these:

Not exactly the same, but still very cute and much more reasonably priced. I'm not a fan of the bowl because it's a little shallow, but I think I'll keep my eye on these and if they go on sale I'm getting them. I'll replace the bowls with some white ones. They come in a set of four which is fine since I already have a set of four plain white dishes.

What happened to the other set of my white dishes? Oh, they flew out of the moving truck my dad was driving because the back wasn't secured. I was following behind him and all of a sudden saw all these boxes all over the street that people were running over/swerving to avoid. I even ran over a box. So now I only have a set of four dishes.

I think these birdy plates would compliment/complete my set!


Laura said...

Nice never know, shallow bowls do offer better portion control. My Grandmother's old china is awesome in that regard...a bowl of cereal is really just one bowl vs. my bowls in our set which are like two and a half bowls! I like the target ones b/c of the light blue touch. Very nice!

rena said...

Love them.