Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friend Friday

Yesterday was full of reunions! Bundy came up to Waco and we had lunch at Bangkok Royal--love that place ever since it moved away from sketchy Ivy Square and into downtown. Sorry, it's truth. Afterwards we went to the Spirit Shop so she could get the security tag taken off of a shirt she bought in April and we spent some time looking at the new merchandise. There was one shirt in particular that was very said "I love Baylor Moms." It was hunter green and written in bubble letters. So question: Who is supposed to wear that shirt? It looks like a mom-shirt by design, but why would a mom wear a shirt that says I love moms? Why would a Baylor girl say she loved multiple mother's other than her own? OK, and if a Baylor boy wore that shirt that would be completely inappropriate for obvious reasons. So weird.

Then we went to What About Cupcakes! I had forgotten about my love for that place during my hiatus in Houston. Laura loved it!!! I had a regular strawberry and a mini Oreo. I will definitely be taking some home with me when I peace out of Waco.

After our sugar rush we went to local theater to see Sandra Bullock's new movie The Proposal. Now, I generally don't like romantic comedies, and if I do watch one I usually wait for it to come out on DVD. I have a small affinity for Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant though so I'll go out and watch their movies. This was perfect for a summer afternoon after a long week. Also, Sandra looks AMAZING in this film. Loved her hair and make up, wardrobe, heels (hello Louboutins!) and I will not lie, they show a lot of her bod and it is amazing! She is 43! She's my new idol. Love her.

Ryan Reynolds isn't too shabby either.

That night my friend Clayton was passing through town on his way back home to SA. It's always good to catch up. We went to Common Grounds and I had my first Rodeo Clown, the skim version of the Cowboy Coffee (which I also haven't tried). I had to get it in decaf because it was 11 pm and I'm a grandma. It wasn't that awesome, mostly because it was soooooo sweet. When I want to indulge my sweet tooth there I get a mocha frap with 2 shots of espresso to cut the sweetness. I hear the Cowboy Coffee is amazing so if I ever come back during the fall and it's cold I'll indulge and get a regular version with half and half (Lord, forgive me and don't take it out on my hips)

I have one more full week of class and then I'll be finished the following Tuesday! The Borregos are coming that day to pack me up and I'll be out of here on Wednesday. I realize that there are a few things I need to put on my to-do list before I leave Waco...I'll post that later.


rena said...

So fun! And I love Baylor moms shirt? Seriously? I am also trying to figure out what the marketing tactic is supposed to be. Whatevs.

Laura said...

yeah, I asked the clerk at the Spirit Shop, how that shirt in particular was selling, and she said, "Yeah...not so well. Somebody did NOT think that through!" Oh Baylor!