Monday, June 29, 2009

good day/bad day

So I have my final tomorrow morning and then I will immediately start packing (after a farewell lunch at Homestead). It's happening very fast, but I'm ready for the change. I'll be in Houston on Wednesday!

So on my to-do list before I leave Waco:
Ninfarita: check
Cupcake: check
One last run with Cricket Dog: check
Waco t-shirt: tomorrow (I'll let you know which one I get)
Homestead: tomorrow
Give blood/hit my gallon goal: FAILED

OH my gosh, I seriously almost cried. I have been trying to give this last pint of blood for two months now. My iron was too low the first two times, then there were some complications about the time I spent out of the country. I had to give before I left because the blood bank is local and I really wanted to get my gallon pin! I made sure to eat tons of meat this weekend so my iron was totally fine, PTL. I should have known things were too good to be true though. The lady doing my screening didn't know what she was doing. Warning sign. After that was done I went out to start giving and the lady they assigned me to was newish or hadn't done this in a while...I feel like it was a training day for people who work in administration and needed to get their certification renewed or something. Anyway, I knew right away she wasn't doing it right. She didn't have the arm band tight enough, she looked at my vein for like 3 minutes trying to figure out wear to stick me, oh gosh, and when she did she created a bit of a mess. Thankfully my white jeans were spared. I could tell (since I donate often) that she hadn't put the needle in correctly. Long story short (and I'll spare you the really graphic details), I wasn't able to fill up my bag and I wasn't able to get my pin! I do however have a 4" bruise on my arm that I've never gotten before.

No really, I teared up I was so sad/mad.

Ok, so the good part of this post.

I tested out the whole strawberries in balsamic vinegar thing this afternoon. Hello, life-changing. It was soooo good! It's suggested that you pair it with ice cream, but I just ate them alone (though ice cream would be delicious as well). This is a new fave for sure.

1/2 carton strawberries, stems taken off and halved
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1/2 tbsp sugar

Mix together. Cover and refrigerate for up to 4 hours or overnight (I think I waited about 30 mins, they were fine!)


rena said...

Sorry about your gallon pin, they should really get people who know what they're doing in there. I've gotten bruises from dr. offices before, seriously? Hire someone who can do this, so I dont' have to wear long sleeve shirts for 4 days.

The strawberries look delish!

april. said...

1. this post **almost made me pass out

2. come try molly moon's balsamic vinaigrette ice cream. seriously, it's worth the trip.

3. when can i set you up on a date with my friend??

4. i am sad i am not with you at this time.

5. that's all.