Thursday, June 25, 2009

It’s officially summer in Texas

And that means it’s crazy hot. This whole week we’re above 100 F, and today it was 106! Our house is like a cave. All of the curtains are closed and we have all fans and the AC on, but it’s still about 83 inside.

Luckily, one of my favorite snacks is frozen fruit. I buy it year round. My favorite are peaches, but pineapples, mangos and strawberries are good too!

I had decided that I needed to buy some frozen fruit to help cool down during this heat wave and saw they had frozen cherries! Even though its cherry season they are still pretty expensive, but I was able to snag a bag of frozen cherries for a fraction of the price.

So good. I even floated a few in my diet coke last night!

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april. said...

i used to LOVE frozen grapes. come in august and we'll go berry picking (blue, black, straw, boysen, whatever....) and make jam and pancakes. can you tell im anxious for a visit??