Saturday, June 13, 2009

Protect your face

So confession: I love tanning. People often like to remind me I'm always tan, but I always counter that tan compared to them is not necessarily tan for me. I soak up the sun in the summer and have a nice glow until about January. Then come the New Year I'm looking sick and pale in all my pictures. By March I'm nearly green and in April I'm trying to get some UVs even if it's still chilly outside.

Now, my love for being brown has brought me some misfortunes, mainly in the form of horrible tan lines. In March of '06, I helped my dad dig out some trees in the backyard and wore a very unflattering tank top. The result: the absolute worst tan ever. I actually got really burned, peeled, the whole nine yards. I was in two weddings that summer in June and July and let me tell you, the lines did not fade. Straight up racer back imprint on my back. It was absolutely horrific I tried exfoliating and even applying self tanner and refused to go in the sun the rest of the year.

It took over a year for those lines to fade.

That SAME summer, I was out serving the Lord in New Orleans doing clean up and look what happened to my face:

The caption for this picture is, "Dear New Orleans,You charred my face." I don't know if you can tell but I was wearing huge sunglasses (obvs) and my entire face, but especially my nose, got scorched! It took about a month fade.

Last summer I went to the beach, and then the next day went wedding dress shopping with a friend. Under the fluorescent lighting I noticed tons of tiny dots on my right hand. Sun spots. I nearly died. I love the sun, and I know I push my luck, but sun spots? N-O. I was dunzo with the sun for that summer.
Ok, so I'm still a fan of the sun, I can't help it, but I realize I do need to protect my skin. Here are the products I'm promoting:

A tinted moisturizer with SPF

I use one from Laura Mercier in the color Sand, and I really like it. I've been using it since March daily, and usually apply a translucent powder over, as is my routine. A few days ago I skipped the powder and applied bronzer as blush and loved it! This is the summer look I've been trying for! It's hard to look dewy without being greasy or sweaty, but this goes on perfectly. Apply a little moisturizer before if you think it's not going on as easily. The point: buy a tinted moisturizer with SPF and wear it year round. You're face is always out there, so protect it!
Now, like I said, I had been in the sun quite a bit and I noticed my skin looking very dry. This was due to a number of reasons (not enough water, not applying moisturizer twice a day, running in the sun without sunscreen), but I couldn't deny the effects the sun was having on my face. My forehead was looking dark and dry. Panic. I busted out something in the back of my closet that I hadn't opened yet.

RÉVIVE Microderm Abrasion Renewal System
This is essentially an exfoliant. This was gifted to me by my amazing aunt who works in the cosmetics industry and I'm just now looking at the price of this. Ridiculous. So, while I do think it's great and I saw an immediate difference after the first use, I'm going to say find a facial exfoliant at the drug store ('cause you know when I run out of this I'm going to get me some Neutrogena or Johnson & Johnson from the Wal-Mart, not even playing)

Besides using it for my forehead I also used it because I've been getting dark spots on my face from the occasional pimple (I have dark skin so that's what happens to me, even if I don't mess with them. Hate it.) And seriously, I've left these spots on my chin for two months and after 3 uses of this stuff they're gone. Shame on me. Or maybe this is just a miracle product. I'm going to go with I just needed to exfoliate.

I'm no spring chicken, so I gotta do what I can to keep my skin in check.

Let's talk about how I love the word chicken these days as a petname. More on that later.

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rena said...

Crazy! it wasn't letting me leave a comment. first off, way to be on protecting the face. May I also recommend eye cream? Garnier has one that I wanted to try, it's specifically for daytime and has SPF. Also, once I went to get a facial and the lady said that tinted moisturizer might SAY it's SPF 15, but may not actually have the protection it says? (She was trying to sell me on something else) So I just use 2, one underneath, but I think you just said you do that, so nevermind. Lol.
Holla for the brown girls...chickens?