Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vegetable Enchiladas

I found this recipe in the July issue of Glamour (With Sandra Bullock on the cover). They were trying to offer a budget friendly meal for 4 people.

2 tbsp EVOO
3 cloves garlic, chopped
½ Spanish onion, julienned
1 red pepper, julienned (I used green)
2 cups broccoli, lightly steamed and chopped (I swapped a zucchini and yellow squash)
1 12-oz. can black beans, drained and rinsed
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped (I omitted)
3 cups mozzarella, grated (I used a little less than 2 c. reduced fat Colby Jack)
12 6-inch tortillas (I used corn)
1 jar salsa verde (I used regular Pace)

Preheat oven to 350 F

In medium pan, heat oil; sauté garlic, onion, and pepper until onion is translucent (I added the squash at this time and a bit of salt, next time I will also add a bit of lemon pepper or other seasoning)

Transfer to a bowl; fold in broccoli, beans, and 2 c. of cheese and cilantro (I folded in 1 cup of cheese)

In a non stick pan on low heat, warm tortillas until pliable (I put them in the microwave) place ¼ cup filling on each tortilla and gently roll

Lightly coat a shallow baking dish with nonstick spray; transfer enchiladas into it. Coat with store-bought salsa, then sprinkle with 1 cup of cheese. Pop in over for 15 minutes. Dot with sour cream and extra cheese if desired; serve hot.

Serves 4

Their ingredients cost: $29
My cost: $11, and I bought everything at the store

This was pretty good, I'll definitely make it again but will probably use a roasted salsa and will add lemon pepper to the veggie mixture. Note that they added zero salt and it definitely needs some. I also double stacked my enchiladas but I'll make them in a single layer next time so they'll all be coated with a bit of cheese. A simple and really versatile dish. You could easily add meat to this or even some Morningstar Farms Crumbles. These are very generous portions and by my unofficial calculations my version came up to:

Cals: 380
Fat: 12
Carbs: 55
Fiber: 11
Protein: 18

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Melissa-D said...

yummy! I might just have to try some!