Tuesday, July 21, 2009

And I wonder when she will stay, my little runaway, a-run, run, run, run, a-runaway

Last Friday I signed up for the half marathon here in Houston. I’m very excited because a lot of my friends who ran the Astros 5K also signed up for this race or the marathon, so we’ll be training together. I had heard that the race filled up very quickly; they had predicted it would be full in less than two weeks. Well, the half was sold out in less than 24 hours and the full sold out in less than 36! So exciting! Luckily all of my friends were able to get in on time.

I have been needing to purchase new shoes for a VERY long time. Like, maybe my shoes are 4 years old. I know. I am full of shame. I’ve been researching running shoes and I went out and tested a few. I just purchased a pair of Nike Motos!

They really were hands down the most comfortable pair I tried on. Now, the color I tried on in the store was all white, and I hated it. I need something fun! I was able to score these through the Nike website and actually got the best price and free shipping for being a new member! Best deal online or in stores!

I ran tonight and decided to French braid my hair. Not a good look for me. The fly aways were crazy and I looked like a hot mess. Think Medus, but sweatier. I’m going back to the ponytail and bangs pulled back with a bobby pin.

I’m also looking for a new gym bag, one that I can secure my yoga mat to as well. I think the Nike Sami Club Bag may be for me. I’m going to go check it out at Foot Locker tomorrow.


rena said...

lol, of course you would get a shoe called Moto! Haha, they are super cute!

Melissa-D said...

Too fun!! I like the shoes! I'm so excited you are doing the half. Greg is doing the full, and I am only being support. I decided since we were paying so much for me to do the half in SF, I shouldn't add more with another race. Bummer. I'm totally going to look for you and cheer you on though!

captivate me. said...

I love the bag--definitely need one to house my yoga mat as well...of course, LOVE the color :-)

Laura said...

Friend I think it's great, and I think you really like the shopping aspect of running. It really can be inspiring though, I have found that I have a much better attitude when running when I have fun new gear as well! :) I think I feel a new pair of running shoes from RunTex post December 15th!