Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"'Cause I'm coming home again. Maybe we can start again." ~Kanye West

Well I’m back in HOU. After studying all night and what seems like for three weeks straights for my summer class I went in and took my oral final (my question: compare and contrast the books of Esther and Ruth = MIRCALE!), the parents and Comet came and we went to Homestead Heritage for my last meal in Waco as a resident. I LOVE Homestead and my parents do too. They serve organic products and grass-fed proteins and pretty much make all of their breads and desserts. They use carob instead of chocolate and sweeten the lemonade with sorghum instead of refined sugar. And everything is DELICIOUS! Oh Homestead, I’ll see you in December when I go for my graduation.
Comet made the three-hour drive too

Glamour shot

My parents were so great and packed everything and loaded it up. They even cleaned the room after. I helped of course, but I feel as though the lack of sleep was already having an effect on me and was probably the beginning signs of this sickness I’m still dealing with.

We drove back to Houston the next day and unpacked everything and settled in. On Friday we made a trip to see the Terra Cotta Warriors. Although it was extremely crowded because of the holiday weekend, the exhibit was fascinating. Now true, the emperor was a megalomaniac who was obsessed with beating death and placed high taxes on the people to help support his lifestyle and fund his afterlife mini-city (which is 22 sq miles, the size of Manhattan), but to be able to stand face to face with these ancient works of art is amazing. The details that the artisans bestowed on each warrior that makes each one unique is amazing.

Oh, and there was this man walking around the exhibit and he of course scared me and I, of course, screamed in the middle of the museum. Obviously I had to get a picture with him after.

Twins: We have the same hairstyle

It’s great to be back in Houston with the fam and with friends, and I’m happy to be able to spend this second half of summer here at the beach and hopefully on the river!

Oh, and I get to see Lucy Lui all the time now! Look at that mug! She’s all teeth.


Melissa-D said...

Congrats on finishing!! That's awesome!

rena said...

yay! you're done! hurray! and you get to see comet everyday! yesssss