Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fish Tacos

Ok, so I have claimed not the be able to cook fish (and all other meat) in the past, though I really want to be able to cook/eat it all the time if I could!

I tried to cook salmon (everyone told me the same way too cook it and how easy it was) and after asking the guy at the fish counter to help me out I left with 2 pieces that cost $14! And then it came out sooo dry and I was depressed. Straight up cat food.

So I've been trying to psych myself up to give it another go with the fish. I LOVE fish tacos, and after reading Sirena's blog about her delicious success I've been craving them. Well, I bought some frozen tilapia (um, the way to go apparently, the frozen fish is so much cheaper) and pretty much just needed to get some chipotle chiles and yogurt for the sauce. Now, I usually do not indulge in the cream sauce when I order these since they use mayo and/or full fat sour cream, but this healthy version used non-fat yogurt and was so good! Yay for full flavor! And those little chipotles were hot! I made it super spicy and my lips are big now. Loves it.

Another reason why I love this recipe is because it can be made in single servings. As a single lady I either make one thing and it eat every day for a week (what I call my "bird food") or try to find things that are individually portioned and can be made at random...usually frozen dinners, canned soup or sandwiches! But I can make these whenever I want since the fish is frozen and I can just grab one piece at time (however, I went ahead and cut extra salad toppings so I can make some more tomorrow!)

Look at them! So beautiful! And the fish was perfect! I can do it! I can cook fish!


rena said...

they look delish! i KNEW you could cook fish! also, why was i not following your blog til now? what a lame blog friend.

Laura said...

Yay friend! :) Congrats on a successful meal!

april. said...

omg im at work right now and i just started laughing out loud uncontrollably when i read "straight up cat food." still laughing. youre my fave!