Monday, July 27, 2009

High Quality H2O

My new running shoes were waiting for me when I got home from my weekend getaway. I love them! They really are incredibly comfortable. I took them out for a run this morning, and while I was dying from both the heat and the fact that I haven't ran consistently in a while, I felt zero pain in my legs or feet. I usually get shin splits along the sides of my legs starting from my ankles. I've ran with this pain for years, chalking it up to one of the downsides of running. But no longer! Zero pain! I'm so excited.

Also, nothing like some new gear to motivate you to workout, you know?

I decided to run around 9 am. I haven't ran outside in a while, opting to instead hit the treadmill in the AC. I enjoy running outdoors much more though, and know that I can run 2-3 miles in a short amount of time (why is it that it takes so much longer on a treadmill?)

However, it is hot. Too hot. And I've already tested a few of these out, but it's time to make a purchase.
The Fuel Belt. I really want the pink one :) Anyone run with a fuel belt? I've tested a few different models out and don't love any one in particular, but I need to just settle on one soon.


rena said...

lol, i hate running outside, to me, it feels like it takes forever, like i've run 1 mile and only run .1. also, my parents' neighborhood has too many hills - i die. i like the fuel belt!

Laura said...

I haven't personally run with one, but several fellow runner trained with them and LOVED them back in 2005. I bought a model that I have since lost that consited of a belt and One larger bottle. It worked out great for me, I think I put the bottle centered on my lower back/rear. Oh, I will run again someday...but for now walking in the early morning heat or later in the day at the gym in the ac on a treadmill. With good music I can do either :)

l.borrego said...

Friend, I think we need to find a really fun and girly race to do together! I've been researching online and there are some super cute girls-only races in Texas, mostly in the Hill Country. And a lot of them are in late spring and are 10K or less! We'll see :)